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New Years

Well last night sucked big time. This is why if God actually does exist I don't like him, he could've let something good happen, just once, just to be different but no he couldn't possibly do that, fuck you God your an asshole!

Oh well new year, new start. Time to make some positive changes. Haha I am so full of shit!

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Fluff and Stuff

1. People are annoying.

2. John Howard is urging Australians to celebrate the spiritual side of christmas, sure I'll start celebrating Jesus birthday just as soon as I start celebrating Mickey Mouse's!

3. I wish it would snow, it'd be good for my sunburn.

4. I need a new job.

5. I can't wait for next year!

6. Don't really have one but six is my lucky number

7. Disclaimer: The o

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Inside of me

This is something I wrote earlier this year, I don't know if it will actually make any sense to anyone but anyways here goes:-

Inside of me

Climb my fortress walls,
Cross the muddy ditch
Are you scared yet?
Through the rusty gate
And up disused path
Dare you go in?
Turn the key in the lock,
Open the heavy door
Will you run? Pull away from my touch?
Step into the darkness
And make a trail in the dust

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Check your inbox

Well don't have anything to say, just check your inbox.


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Inside of me there is an empty place
At place you fill so well
At least I wish there was
I wish you did
But you don't
And you never will

I ignore my own disgust
My urge to pull away
I choke back my emotions
And I swallow them all down
But this has to stop
I can't pretned anymore

You whishper I love you as I sleep
And you think I never hear
But I do
And everytime I'm crying inside

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Creative title=Creative day...Go Figure anyway as u have probably guessed today was decidedly uninteresting tommorow will hopefully be better. I get paid tommorow whoot! so yeah it's already better although on the flip side I'm suppossed to be going ten pin bowling with some friends and it's definately not a strong point. I am one of those few special people who can consecutively miss everything with bumpers up! At lest I will get to hangout with someone other than myself :). Seeya

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Haven't been on here in months! Modem's been broken and all kinds other stupid stuff but it's good to be bac! Good to see lots of new ppls since I was last here, so I think a very belated welcome to Oasis is in order so welcome! On another positive note I have finally finished school, had my last exam the other week. Still waiting on results but I know that I only passed two out of my five subjects cause I didn't do any work this year but I don't care coz I'm finished and I don't have to go back there ever again! Well that's about it have to go feed the horse before I go to work. Seeya.

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The cutest thing

The cutest thing happened at work tonite(9.5hr shift on 2.5hrs sleep btw) this little girl came in with her mum and the girl behind me served them and the little girls like hi im going to marry a girl awww it was so cute.

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My father in all his wisdom has left me the car but failed to leave me keys to actually drive it. I guess next time I ask to borrow his car, I'll have to make sure I ask to borrow the keys as well.

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I feel like I'm just running around in the biggest circle and everytime I think I'm getting somewhere I end up right bac where I started grr...

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Love is a madness
Yet so intriging
And amazingly beautiful
You wonder whoever thought to create it
Love is but an eggshell
So easily shattered
Yet, contents so precious
Hitting troubled waters
Torn apart
The precious
Lost forever in the confusion
The star that guided you
The one you wished upon

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I was just looking through my files for a poem I wrote ages ago that I wanted to post on here and I stumbled across an old chat log between myself and an old friend whom I haven't spoken to for ages. She left skool at the start of this year and went to uni and we've gradually lost contact. The log(which happens to be the only log i have for her) is from the 7th of October '03 and is the one where she asked me about my sexuality.

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Straight and honest

Yesterday day I was out with friends and Nicki's mum was talking to us before we left and she asked us a question and she's like I want you all to be straight and honest with me now, much to her confusion I just died laughing.

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Raghine came through my register with his parents last nite. God he looked so toatlly hot! Hang on. Guy? Hot? Wtf?

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Being American

I was being American last nite and drove the last 5kms or whateva it was on the wrong side of the road...

Note: I am not some kind of sucidal maniac it was basically midnight and I live in the rural area so there was no other traffic.

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