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When brillant plans backfire...

You know it just occured to me that I never had an introductory post neway on to more pressing matters(i alwayz sound like such a ditz on here) my brillant plan that gave me an excuse to go my new crush's house although I don'twhy I'm being stupid enough to even bother coz(as previously mentioned) she's so straight and innocent and all thant there's no point even thinking that she's not. Long story short my brother and her brother just happen to be friends(small world).

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Creepy stalker guy

Creepy stalker guy just emailed me- now that terms is finished what are you planning on doing on the holidays?

Very tempted to write back- well actually I'm gonna get wasted, get ppl drunk and take advantange of them and HiDe from you!

Bloody straight guys.


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Update..long and boring

Well haven't been on in a while so yeah i now have purpleish hair and i didn't get in trouble for it at work which is wicked although i haven't been to skool with it yet though coz monday was public holiday and I is sick today although you can almost guarantee I am gonna get so much shit about being a rebel or a punk or whatevea coz my hair is purple and spiky but neway i have new sneakers there silver and shingy i also now has a ball called Ballie which is also shiny!

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That's It!

As of Tuesday I has decided that's it screw her if she wants this friendship it's up to her now I've had enuff friendships a two way thing and it's not my fuckin problem that she doens't seem to get that or maybe she just doens't want this friendship nemore? I don't know. All I know is on Tuesday morning when I walked into the common room she was all smiles until I made eye contact with her and then I reckon it took about 0.2 secs for her face to fall about six feet and I've had fuckin enough. Oh and apparantly I'm a skank or so I was told on Tuesday by a group of ppl whom I don't actually know but who evidently know me. Yeah neway this has been a super week so far I wonder how much better it can get?? Bye.

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My Jeans

I fell asleep in my jeans on Sunday and i woke with holes in them now seriously how did i do that in my sleep? I thought denim was tough. What can I say but speeshal?

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Maybe it'll help...

......if I write this down. I dont' see how it can but things work in strange ways sometimes, maybe this is one of those times *fingers crossed*. So here goes...

I recently found out that Emma is one of the ppl that are creeped out by touch and i can only assume that's because of same reason as the others. That bein my sexual orientation. Sure I laugh about it at the time and touch her just to get a reaction but it's only so funny after that it just hurts.

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I am sooo frusturated with fuckin "butch" dykes I swear I am just gonna kill one in a minute....

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This is just an apology for my preivious journal entry which was one of the crazed rants i go on sometimes where I just shut off my brain and forget what's happenin and forget the truth and just let let out my pent up emotions and frustrations sorry I'll leave you alone now..... kiss me; i love that song...

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I'm totally discobobulated!i don't think that's actually even a word:( oh well i want to write NO i don't want to write OmG i don't know! I wan't to shoot that little girl running around Woolies in the fuckin foot! I'm so derranged.(now i know that one's a word) hmmm....the end haha i love my ppl skills, i love me!

*note the sarcasm*

this is what happens when they make me work on my day off! those stupid little green men still my brain damn! i hate them one day I'm gonna catch one and prove to all you "non-believers" that they do exist! And one day I'm gonna find a unicorn too! Coz if i do it means that none of this is real although the school counsellor tells me i need to take stronger drugs to do that hmmm.... if only i had stronger drugs *sigh* yep gonna go eat some coffee now. Need caffine! or sugar or a tetnus! Yup lost the plot. Feel free to laugh at my foolishness. Bye.

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Things I have learnt.

1. If you skip down the middle of the road in the middle of the nite in bare feet, you WILL get sore feet.

2. You can not make bitumen angels. It only works with snow and sand :(.

3. Unless you wish to be eaten do NOT walk up someone's driveway in the middle of the nite if the dog does not know you!

4. Standing on a mattress and riding it down staris can be very entertaining(cheap thrills).

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Broken window pane
Jagged and ruthless
Blood on the snow
Moonlight on a blade
Stark and brutal
Cold, raw
Hard emotion
Knife, blade
Draw, cut
The pain keeps me real

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I hate you. I hate your standards!

"Look mum look there's a boy on the checkout" Yes well done boys do operate checkouts as well but no I am not one of them! Yes, I know I have short hair but guess what? girls can have short hair(now before you roll your eyes at me and go just what we need another butch dyke i would like to point out the reason i have short hair at the moment is due to charity(world's greatest shave for cure) ie. to raise money for the lukemia foundation) WoW OmG and not only do I have short hair but in my world girls kiss girls and boys kiss boys whoops! Sorry did I just ruin your perfect little view of your perfect little world oh well my bad while we're at it we may as well get rid of blue is for boys and pink is for girls as well how about purple is for everybody! Instead? I'll leave you to get over the shock now.

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...I don't remember da last time i actually blogged on here even though im on here basically every nite oh well i don't really have nething to write neway well actually i do have a lot to write damn! my inability to put things into words although i think it has less to do with that i can't and more to do with that i'm afraid to. afraid to feel and afraid to let it be know that i do that im not really a black(or cold) hearted bitch that doesn't give a fuck about ne1 but herself that i like to let ppl think i am neway enuff stupid ramblings i hope u found my lack of grammar as enthralling as i did.

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This world is breaking
And she's the reason why
Sometimes I want to hold her
Sometimes I want to cry

She doesn't know she taunts me
She doesn't know I feel
She doesn't know what I do
That we could be so real

Sometimes I almost forget her
And I think I have let go
No longer does she roam my head
There's just footprints in the snow

Then I see her empty smile
And she lets me know she's there

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Breaking Me

How is is that you run around my head all night?
And still have energy to taunt me in the day?
Why is it when I look at you
I always feel this way
Do you ever see me watching?
My eyes where they shouldn't be.

You so innocently make contact
And I struggle not to touch
That's why your a friend I never hug
For fear I'll do to much

Under your smile I'm breaking
I just wish you could see.

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