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well haven't blogged on dis for a fair while so i guess i should give u an update well i am no longer single, fuck knows why it's not like i actually like them or am even attracted to her in neway shape or form so fuck nos y i am actually with her, meh, neway had "study" camp this week, Jade is so nuff! Me and her are friends now(yay), I even slept in her bed on thursday nite(hehe), OI! get ur mind ot of the gutter, it was totally clean coz a)she has a bf and b) she's straight(i think) neway there's ur update......

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it's my element, I love it! It's powerful, magic, beautiful, yet so deadly; it's so easy to drown.......

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Scrambled Ramblings of a Dyke

She walks past me
With an empty smile
I want to reach out
Touch her, hold her
Make all her problems go away
I love her
But I can't touch her
Without the guilt
Of knowing
What I feel is so wrong
But that's what I am
But Deformed Emotion

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All over the place

Well im having an argument with on my best friends(also my crush) at the moment so im kinda all over the place.

Maybe i should just leave it at that and
right in here about her when im not messed up ok that's not gonna happen so how about when im not so messed up

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Let Me

Let my hand brush her breast
And graze her thigh
Let our lips met
And tongues collide
Let me inhale her scent
And savour her taste
And let me remember it
When I wake.

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