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if these walls could talk 2 (reveals storyline, but not ending)

I just wanted to share my love of this film with the rest of the users of
this site.
For those who have not seen it before it's 3 different stories all set in
the same house and brings up many lesbain issues through out time.

The first story is about this old lady and her gf. the gf falls of a ladder and dies
of a stroke. However, allthough they both bought thier house together since
it is in the dead person's name it is now in the possession of her nephew

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the troubles of choosy girl in a straight world

The subject of this blog is girlfriends, the deficit of potentials and my incredibly pickyness.

Is it just me or is there a distinct lack of potenential people to go out with. With my disticnt lack of knowledge of gay people combined with me not liking clubbing because I can't dance, or talk to people in noisy environments(and probably not being able to get in) - I am assuming most people go to clubs to meet other gay people I can not see how I am going to meet other gay people who are not my friends. I know gay people, but they are friends not lovers and even then I do not know very many gay people meaning even if all of them desperately wanted to go out with me I still wouldn't be left with much of a selection this is also enhanced by me being a perfectionist when choosing people who i would consider going out with so at the moment i don't really fancy anyone. I feel asexual, but not.

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walking blues

This is a song that I made up to the tune of a blues song called walking blues. Names changed.

It was Monday lunchtime
When I asked this girl out
Tried to find somewhere quiet
But there were still people about

You know I asked her
Straight out asked her out
I said 'Sarah will you go out with me?
She said no without a doubt.

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General update

Alice went to a gay group like a place to meet gay people that's not like a club or bar etc. This is what I have to say about her thoughts there.


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forefilling my duty and honour to blog

If your gay then it's possible to go to youth groups for free. Otherwise you have to pay.

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I think my gaydar for gay girls may be improving and, I dunno, maybe it's all coincidence, but either way, it's scary. With some people, i'll look at them and try and picture them with a guy, then with a girl, and basing on things fitting or not fitting I work it out from that. However, even though i do this i never think it actually works as that's ridiculous and I think it would be stupid to base someone's sexual orentation on 5 seconds of looking at them. With other people it may be a subconcious thing, half thinging they are not straight and also thinking that they are damn fine.

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I'd heard of guys getting beaten up for being gay, but not girls, until yesterday.

I was talking along a narrow bridge across a railway track and i saw this fit girl on a bike, so I subconciously looked her up and down. She cycles up to me and says
her 'how old are you?'
me '17'
her 'why are you checking me out'
me ' i'm sorry, i didn't mean to' (I have no pride so I don't care about appologiing when I am in the right. She was witha lot of tough guys and I did not want to get into a fight. Allthough I should have just said, 'because your damn fine')

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Soho (UK)

I am writing this cus I feel like blogging and am loney. My parents have gone away for the weekend, and my sister won't be home till midnight. (People keep on ringing, it's annoying I feel like an answerphone service for the rest of my family). I could get soemone to come over, but don't know who and don't want to face the rejection of them saying they are doing something else.

Went to Soho today, cus there was a mini pride thing, with my Str8 friend Jo. I managed to find it easily and also managed to find Old Compton street which I had previously found hard to find.

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Gay marriage

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happy because of school (confused?)

I love school at the moment. Does that make me geekish? Probably, but still.
We have to do a psychology piece of coursework and me and my friend are going to do one into what do men look for the same things in women as women look for in women? Do women look for the same things in men as men look for in men? Despite homosexual couples not looking for a partner in order to breed. Despite me writing this title myself, it made me really happy and I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the school day. I am working with a friend on this. Another pair is doing something about gay relationships too.

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f +f and m + m

i was getting a bit worried because I think that when two girls or two guys are together it looks way better than a man and a woman and I was begining to feel a bit bad because I got slightly offended when my friend said that female couples did not look good together, but this is what I think about mixed couples.

Now, I know this seems a bit controversial, but it's not because in my mind, I know there's the same amount of love there it's just that I can't see it. Like when a photographer photographs a piece of food the food still tastes the same, it's just that the way it's photographed makes it look more or less tastier.

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If you go down to the woods today.

End of exams, barmitzvah, woods, people and more.

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An analysis of the situation

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Bore me here, bore me now. ?

Today was such a gay day. It was all sunny and people were in good, talkative moods. What fun it would be if all days were like this.

A guy named Rob is convinced that when girls say that they are bored, they really mean they are horny. Next time I see him, i'll have to go up to him and say:- 'When you speak I am bored, when you constantly go on about korn I get soo bored, when you constantly talk about kerrang i'm bored.

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what drunk people really mean?

(just worte this but deleted it accidentally so jaded)

Went to my friend's house party, townies invaded and took crack and e, tried to chuck them out but they wouldn't leave.
As people do, people drank. My 'friend' Beccy, told this guy that she fancied (john) that I wasn't sweet, but told him not to tell me, but cus he was pissed, he did. But why does she think this, I know that she's annoyed with me, cus you can just tell and shes allways told me that i'm not sweet to my face, but the fact that she told him not to say must mean that she actually is annoyed for a specific reason and not just because i'm annoying (which is good in a way). Furthermore he even told him why i'm not sweet so i know she has a reason, i just don't know what it is. (note- it's not that she said i'm not sweet that is confusing me, it's that she ahs a reason).

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