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So boobs suck. Well, not everyone's, just my boobs. So recently I have been thinking about a breast reduction, because life would be much easier with smaller boobs. I probably wont get one, because I pride myself in loving myself for who I am, and I want to learn to love my breasts in all their bigness. If they were so big that they caused me serious health problems then I would be much more likley to go through with it, but the're not.

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Straight until proven otherwise

My freind brought this up in conversation the other day. Everyone assumes that everyone is straight until people prove otherwise, or come out. In the perfect world would straight people have to come out to, or would nobody assume anything and we could just be whatever felt natural?

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Practical Jokes suck

So i was online today totally bored because school closed 3 hours early due to inclemit weather. I was checking people's aim profiles, but not talking to them just reading the jokes and stuff, and my freind's profile had a link to a test about your love life. i had just gotten off of (killing more time) so i was in a test taking type of mood. So i took the test cause what harm could it do? The questions were like, "what is your name", "what is your crushes name" and a bunch of questions about being a virgin or not.

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