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One step further towards "real adult life," whatever the hell that is.

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AIDS walk?

Any Oasisian AIDS walkers?

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Duane Reade, Broadway @ 91st St., 6:20 pm.

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envisioning the future me

Tonight was the open house at the doctoral program that wants me (so far, that is; I'm waiting on word from five schools).

The basic summary is: great program, very humane, high job placement rate and ... no money. They will matriculate 25-30 (it's a large program) and one of those will get a four year fellowship. In contrast, everyone who matriculates at Columbia gets at least a five year fellowship, sometimes six. Most doctoral programs offer funding similar to Columbia's, even if they are offered by public institutions.

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on pride

It's important to be proud of who you are, and what you've earned. It doesn't mean that you don't have things to learn. It means that you've accomplished something you find personally meaningful. If you can't take pride in that, what can you take pride in?

I have finally made a lifelong goal feasible. It doesn't mean I know everything -- although I do know my spelling. It just means that I've been successful. That I've learned to work hard and well.

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cleaning house

I said once, back on the old Oasis, that I liked cleaning, because of its therapeutic properties.

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on poets

Tonight I had the incredible pleasure of hearing this woman read from her work.

Her poetry is oddly linguistically empowering. It made me wish I could be a poet (like her). At the same time, it made me think that I could be one, too. This is not to denigrate her craftsmanship or talent. It's just been a long time since I've heard words that sought to involve me in such a way.

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Extended usage of parentheses is dangerous to one's health. It screams, "too much time spent in theoryland!"

I want to channel my favorite theorists today. Become... Kristeva, say, or Cixous, for a minute or two. Theory is a deliciously filling alternate universe. It's a place where the real things -- deadlines, feelings, and so on -- are turned away at the entrance. Theory is like ice cream. You want it, but damn it, it's not that good for you in large quantities.

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certainty is sometimes worse

...than uncertainty.

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WTC site re-development

well, I think the title's obvious.

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academic frustration

it's time for another round of "I'm mid-way through this paper and it's killing me!", folks!

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after wallace stevens, what is left?

modernist fragmentation, re-interpreted

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personal explorations of the dramatic arts

I deleted my previous two entries, because I've worked to resolve the situation in a more constructive way. I think that venting is healthy, but I couldn't go back and edit those entries into anything valuable. I love the new delete and better edit features in this version of Oasis.


I thought my last semester was supposed to be a joyous time. Time when I could -- finally! -- have fun.

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Helpful suggestion: build your vocabulary.

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snow day

snow day, snow day, Linds doesn't have French today...

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