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the Hospital, and Jail

I haven't been on for a while, sorry.

On Thursday, my mom found me blacked out in my bathroom. No one comes in my room so I had been there for a while. She couldn't wake me up because I had overdosed on Lituims, and painkillers, not to mention I had been using weed. She took me to the hospital and I had to get my stomach pumped. You don't want that expierence, trust me.

My brother, Jack, he's a year older than me (18) and him and his girlfriend got busted for selling and possesion of coke, and some weed and stuff. They go to court soon.

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Why can't penguins fly? (Warning: I cuss ALOT)

Hum....damn it, it's not fair penguins can't fly. They are the coolest, and best birds. Damn it all to hell. I hate stupid ass people who want to make fun of penguins...

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