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I went to an Indigo Girls concert!

I went to an Indigo Girls concert this past Sunday. It was absolutey fucking amazing. I love them and their music. That is all. For now.

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So, long time no post . . .

Yeah, it's been a while. A lot has happened. Lots of highs and lows.

Long story short, Jon and I didn't work out. It's really, really, really, really (read: really) complicated, and I don't want to write about it here because it's one of the most personal things ever (right, like I haven't been personal before). But yeah. It's over, and it was painful, and it's mostly my fault, but frankly, if I hadn't ended that relationship, it would have blown up eventually. I just hope Jon finds someone better. He deserves it, after all the shit he's been through. I'm just kind of an asshole, is all. I think I'm gonna lay off trying relationships for a bit.

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And no sooner do I speak than . . .

Well, yeah, uh, this is a little weird, but also quite welcome. I posted a few days ago that my boyfriend Chris broke up with me. I was bummed for a few days, but I realized that he was completely right, that neither of us was really committed to the relationship (read: he had tons of work all the time and was disappointed that I turned out not to be the same person that he thought I was when we met). That was Saturday, I believe. On Monday, I was standing in line at a dining hall that I don't normally eat at; a couple of friends of mine just wanted to eat there for a change. So, I'm standing in line, and I realize that this dining hall has different rules about how much food you get. The one I usually eat in is "all-you-can-eat", because it's huge, but this one is smaller, so the rules are "one entree, two sides". I ask aloud, to no one in particular, "Which things are sides and which are entrees?" The guy in line in front of me turns around and answers my question. WHOA!!! Hotness hotness hotness hotness hotness . . . and I'm thinkgin, "No, Chris just broke up with me, this is way too soon!" But anyway, he introduces himself (Jon) and we start talking about his cinema class that he's taking. He decides to friend me on Facebook because he wants to "meet new people". Well, then, we start talking later and he asks me to dinner on Tuesday. At that point, I'm pretty smitten. Like, he's hilarious, really intelligent, he cares about what I like, I care about what he likes, and he's really beautiful . . . so it's an immediate "yes" from me.

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Well . . . fuck.

Yeah. Today was not so good. Woke up late. No variety at lunch. Went to the thrift store only to find that it closes at 3:00 PM on weekends. And then, my boyfriend says he needs to talk to me. We go walking aimlessly for about 30 minutes, before he finally tells me that he wants to break up with me.

I can't say that I didn't see this coming, but it wasn't expected either. He's been rather under the weather lately, with lots and lots of schoolwork . . . and he recently seemed to get very pissed at me for no particular reason. I mean, I know we don't see eye to eye on a lot of stuff, but like, this was like, if he said something, I would comment, and he'd get mad for not being sympathetic, or I would say something and he would tell me that I was whining or that I shouldn't complain or whatever. I dunno. I'm relieved and very sad at the same time.

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Jazzer, you were right . . .

As I very recently found out through some first-hand experience, you hit the nail on the head in your commenting concerning sex and boyfriends. Mmmmmmmmm . . .

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Boyfriend . . .

Well, after going out with this one guy several times among other things, we have decided to become boyfriends. His name is Chris, and he's a really sweet guy; very intelligent and very cute. Considering this is the first real relationship for both of us, it's all sort of new and weird, but hopefully it'll work out. I'll keep people posted on the situation as it develops.

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The title says it all. Suffice to say: I'm going on a date with one of the guys I met at school and . . . oh dear god this is awesome!

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Well, I'm at college . . .

I've been at Oberlin College for a grand total of 10 days now. All I can say is that this place kicks major ass. All the people kick ass, all my classes kick ass, my dorm room kicks ass, EVERYTHING kicks ass. Seriously. Well, actually, that's not true. The football team does not kick ass. Rather, they eat dirt. Every game. But that's okay, because I don't care about football. I met a couple of really, really hot guys at the GLBT meeting yesterday.

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Completely Screwed Up Dreams Archive: Volume III

Now, onto the dreams that I haven't already typed up. This one is from a little while ago, I believe when I was in the midst of evil college applications madness. It's pretty short:

I'm asleep in my bed upstairs, when suddenly Dad appears in front of me and goes, "Time to get up!" I look up and say, "No it's not!" Dad turns into a humongous demon/devil-type creature and bellows, "YES IT IS!" I get up and jump out the window onto a cloud that is floating there.

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Completely Screwed Up Dreams Archive: Volume II

Here's the other one I just posted:

A little while ago, I had this weird dream. It started out with me on a road in this weird suburbia-type place, only the suburb was in this dense prehistoric jungle, a la Jurassic Park. I walk down the road to this seemingly abandoned, huge building that is partially underground. It's got a weird concrete wall around it and an open gate. As I walk up to the gate, all these people just come running out. They run off, and I go in. The grounds inside the gate are made up of a slowly slanting hill that goes up to a brick wall with a corrugated tin roof. The hill is half covered in this old, decaying burlap type material that is nailed down with railroad spikes. Off to the right, there is just a big pit. I walk up the hill, but I can only stand on the edge of the material where the bolts are. As I walk on it, it disintegrates behind me. I get up to the wall, and there's a ledge that goes along it to the right. I follow the ledge until I get to the end of it. There's more of that burlap stuff on the roof of the building, but when I try to climb to the roof, it pulls off and I can't get up. As I'm walking back, I notice that where the burlap stuff disintegrated is now a hole into the underground part of the building. There's a lab down there, with a lady in a labcoat walking around (apparently, she's my mother even though she looks nothing like my real mom). Anyways, I trip and fall into the lab, and the mom-scientist gets really mad and tries to kill me because I've discovered her secret dinosaur lab, and she chases me out. Suddenly, I'm back at the front gate again, and this whole sequence repeats itself, until, instead of tripping, I jump down on purpose, land on the mom-scientist, and knock her out. I then walk out into the underground hallway.

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Completely Screwed Up Dreams Archive: Volume I

I have decided to start an archive of dreams I have had that I remember. I usually tend to remember a dream in vivid detail, or not remember it at all. Here's one that I posted on the "Dreams" forum topic. There'll be more shortly. Here goes:

I'm in a house that I know is my house even though I've never seen it before in my life. I just know it's where I live. It's completely empty. I decide that I want something to eat, so I go to the freezer and open it and all that's there is a single frozen hot dog. I hate hot dogs, but I want to eat this one, so I take it out of the freezer, and then, suddenly, I don't want it anymore. I turn and see my dog, Chase (I had this dream a couple years ago, when he was still alive), and I decide that he can eat it, so I put it in his food bowl. It thaws instantly, and he goes up to it, sniffs it, and then proceeds to rip it to pieces with his mouth and throw the pieces all over the floor. Suddenly, the door opens, and three policemen walk in. The middle one looks around and says, "What's the problem here?" I say, "Nothing." He says, "Oh, okay," and then they turn and leave. I turn around and look back at the kitchen, and my Mom is there, washing dishes in the sink, even though there were no dishes there before. She stops, looks at me, and says, "Let's go."

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Well, after a grand total of 8 hours of reading, I finished the sixth Harry Potter book. All I'm going to say is that I made two major predictions about the book. One of them was ABSOLUTELY CORRECT, and the other was DEAD WRONG!!! Even so, there was still enough that I didn't expect to make it even better than, well, than I expected. Wow, that sounds dumb. But anyways, yeah, the thing that you think will happen in the book .

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The School Controversy

Okay, well, I said I'd talk about this in my earlier entry, and so here it is.

My school, or at least many administrative faculty members at my school, has completely screwed up priorities. Since it's easiest, I'll give you a summary of what happened a couple of weeks ago:

Okay, so our school Theater 15 troupe put on this play called "The Golden Age". It's a very obscure play, but it was incredibly powerful and well-done. Anyways, before each play, the people in theater always lead up to it by making funny anouncements in assembly or posting ads all over campus, or, especially, making short videos that usually have nothing to do with the play, but say "Attend [Insert Play Here] This Friday at 7PM" at the end. One of the people in theater, who shall go only by JK, was given the task of making the totally unrelated video this time around. For a topic, he chose to lambast Prozac, or basically all medication that removes the user somewhat from reality or emotionality. It consisted of JK (the protagonist) going through a series of distressing/traumatic events (i.e. failing his midterm, girlfriend dumping him, getting mugged, best friend dying, etc.) without so much as flinching; he just has a blank stare and a stupid grin throughout the entire thing. Everyone thinks it's a hilarious idea. So JK films it and then, to show it in assembly, he has to get approval from the Dean of students. He explains the video concept to her, and she says that many people would be offended by the Prozac reference because many people take or have relatives who take Prozac or other such drugs. He agreed to remove the reference and replaced it with the phrase, ". . . Because who wants to feel anything anyway?", which gets across the same message. Then, the Dean asked if the death of JK's friend in the video was violent. Here is where the problem happens. He said, "No, it's not." And it was, at least, fairly so.

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Extra! Extra! Actual Events Happen in my Life!

Well, it's been a while, hasn't it?

I guess I'll just bring people up to date with everything, considering I've been so irresponsible in keeping up with my own life. Here goes:

Spring Break - I went to England. London specifically. This was awesome, especially because the last time I'd been was when I was seven years old, and all I remembered was the Tower of London and eating a chocolate treasure chest that my Grandma bought us. So, anyways, we went and saw everything (the Tower, The Globe Theater, Picadilly Circus, The Thames, Westminster, Parliament, Big Ben, everything at Oxford and Canterbury as well), and we also saw a couple of plays. The first one was "National Anthems", starring Kevin Spacey (who is a genius, I have decided), and another actor whose name escaped me as I started writing. It was brilliant. I say that everyone who has the chance to see it at all MUST see it on threat of my coming to your house and hanging you up by your ears. Afterwards, we saw a play called "Life in the Theater" with Patrick Stewart (whom I already knew was awesome), and Joshua Jackson (whom I didn't know was in Dawson's Creek because I never watched the show). That was awesome too, but they could've cast Jackson with someone better. Still, it was great. Lastly, we saw the new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, "Woman in White". Since I'm not a musical person, I didn't enjoy it as much as the plays, but it was still very well done, and highly original for a musical. For the rest of the trip, I got a horrible case of the stomach flu, and missed about three days of activities because I was alternatively sleeping and taking tylenol.

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I dig music . . . yeah

I just bought the new Mars Volta album, "Frances the Mute". It is the most dense, most incredibly beautiful piece of music I have ever heard. If you have the chance, and don't mind weird music, pick this up. You won't be disappointed. It's just . . . amazing . . . that people could make music so . . . emotive, so tortured and angry and joyous and depressed and engergetic and content.

I swear it's musical crack. I can't stop listening to it. 76 minutes long and this'll be the third time since I bought it at 5:15 this afternoon.

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