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O, WHY HELO THAR!i!i!eye.

Another half a year, another unexpected break.I was caught sneaking on around.. you guessed it, half a year ago. It's not not being grounded from the computer this time, it's more or less forgetfulness!

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After a long UNEXPECTED break..

Well, I finally came out to my parents.. about three months ago. They pretended to be "fine" with my being bisexual, but out of nowhere, they tell me that I will no longer be allowed to use the internet except for school purposes, until I "straighten out and fly right" (What a stupid pun that is!), and if I get caught doing anything else with it, that I will be grounded for "A very long time".

So right now, my parents are out, and I'm sneaking on. I've been doing this for a while now, and I told my mom that I've been doing it. She didn't punish me, she just told me to not do it again. I think that my mom is actually fine with me being bi, but she just doesn't want to upset my dad.

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I can't explain it. At all. I am a bisexual twelve year old, and I just can't help thinking, "Why the hell haven't I came out yet?". I haven't come out to a single person, except for a few of my friends on other forums... Yet, I know that if I come out to my friends, I'll end up getting my ass handed to me by... 10-some people. I do not blame them (my friends) at all for being homophobic. They're mature enough to understand what bisexuality is, but not "mature, mature", at least enough to truly accept it, but hey, what twelve year old isn't? "Why not come out to your parents?" Plain and simple, fear of being shut out of their lives until (IF) they start to understand, with my helo of course.

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