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sleep thing

Sleeping Habits

Do you dream?: not yet hehe
What is the last dream that you can remember?: a good one
Do you sleep with Music/ Noise playing?: no
Can you sleep in complete silence?: yeah
When was the last time you slept alone?: not really alone, last night

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Just in time for the premiere hehe

You Are Sawyer

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last part's very true hehe,part before,only most is true.....

You Are Traditional and Dependable

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what I'm 'known for' hehe

Another..random survey. :D

Would you like to play a game? >:}
Do you like The Simpsons or Family Guy better?: eh,Simpsons if I really had to choose hehe
Do you like to take surveys that are absolutely random?: sometimes
Do you have any broken figurines in your room?: uh,there's NO figurines in my room

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I'll just keep this 'journal' to the basics- school/football/survey stuff/song stuff and use my other main blog in the way I've always used it(all the above + life/feelings stuff).....what I did yesterday(this 'entry is replacing the other one so it's being written the day after,aka Sunday) was wrong but it's a 'one and only time' kind of thing since I've never done it before and now I know it's b

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Classes/shows/life have been good these past few days....lunches too(pizza,cheeseburger and fries).....I added a Speech class(T/R,1:30-2:50),we do '?'s of the Day' every class time outloud(duh hehe) and today's ?(aka my 1st day) was about fave music, then we did GW, and turned in my FA papers today..start work on P1 on Tues.....had a nice lecture/slides today on Greek-now sculptures hehe..Friday/w

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You Are a Peacemaker Soul

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it's hooooooooooooooooooot

It's 94 degrees right now! Freakin Cali heatwave sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow,did you guys see Bob get pissed off at Joelle on The Biggest Loser last night(even though I'm watching it now)? Wow!

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Q: What's your first reaction when hearing the words 'we need to talk'?

A:That can't be good,no one NEEDS to talk hehe. Yeah,so it's an obvious Seinfeld ref. but it's true hehe!

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KATE WINSLET won over ANGELINA for Best Actress in a Drama?!?!?!

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what normally would go into my other blog....

Today was.....ok. Woke up at 6, took some Excedrin Migraine and then got ready for the day. I left at 6:45, did some texting w/Vanessa and got to school just at 7:31 hehe and took a seat,yeah,next time leave at 6:30(although I was only 'late' by a min.

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Songs(again hehe)..cuz wounds are ways to reveal us....

Aranda:- Still in the Dark
Blindside:- Pitiful
BlackTide:- Shout
Killswitch Engage:- The End of Heartache
Jesse McCartney:- How do you Sleep?
Avenged Sevenfold:- Seize the Day
Godsmack:- Serenity/Voodoo
Bullet for my Valentine:- Hearts Burst into Fire
Trapt:- Contagious/Made of Glass
Sevendust:- Broken Down
Breaking Benjamin:- Follow
Seether:- Breakdown
Hoobastank:- My Turn

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yesterday/last few days before school starts

Yesterday was good, watched the Barbara Walters special on Patrick Swayze(thank you DVR), and then went to my school's Fin Aid office, and haveta turn in my paper after I get the speech class 'offically/hopefully on Monday' (and get my counselor to initial his paper for me too).

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today so far...

K,woke up,had a nice call/txts from Vanessa to start the day off well hehe. After watching some of the psycho Ann Coulter interview w/Matt Lauer on GMA,I went to do my school stuff.

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