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first year ending

I'm looking at my last week of classes and I should probably reflect on the year I've had, its ups and downs and what I plan to get out of next year. Unfortunately, since the semester is winding down, I need to spend my time doing work instead. Perhaps I'll learn to grow next year.

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I'm at work now. It's my boring shift but this time its not that bad. Someone left a set of headphones buy the computer so for the first time I'm able to listen to music instead of the endless silence of an empty computer lab in the basement of a random academic building. In order to find songs I must browse the network and look through the public offereings of people I know and don't, remenicing along the way.

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I'm tired and stupid, like all good men should be

They found my bag! This makes me happy, not having to spend 100 dollars to replace a textbook, it always nice to hear.

It's getting humid around Philly. I've been swaeting and its been raining but, there is life in the plants, I can see the buds on the trees and thick beds of grass that seem to have appeard overnight. It's magic.

I'm sleapy, I got a few hours of sleeep last noght then went to an all day workshop. I'm not in bed though, I won't be going for a while. There's a party tonight, off campus. I'm going. It's probably not wise but still I'm going.

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Its raining, its pouring, the old man is snoring...

...he bumped his head and went to bed and couldn't wake up in the morning.

Now that I think of it this is a really depressing nursery rhyme, concussions are scary now. But it is raining outside and the teperature will drop with the rain. High of 67F, low of 38F. Oh thunderstorms, they can be so exciting.

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the seasons and the strange

Not to get stuck on one toipc but I find this to be really important, or at least have bearing on my college experience itself.

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Spring, real spring, like a drug

...birds were chirping outside my window yesterday morning ... other students dancing, just danceing, because its spring...

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Spring break is over :-(

Well spring break is over and i'm back to my computer. I've reached three conclusions.

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I think I can I think I can...

I'm writing this blog on one of the Unix systems in my school's CS lab. My homework is runnig in the background like the little engine that could. I think it can I think it can.

I'm kind of in poetry thought mode. I didn't really have much of a weekend and what I had was not the great so today, Monday, I want my weekend to start. Unfortunatly for the same reason that I had no weekendl, I'll be trudging through this week spouting I think I can I think I can, like the little engine I am, moving from assignment to assignment befor I go on break.

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sitting... thinking... weird dream...

In my dream something had happened, I don't know what maybe nothing, and I found myself outside a building on the campus of my sister's school (a long way from where I live). I was really sda and really worn from school to the point that when I saw her I just hugged her adn started crying. suddenlly my mom and grandmom were there as well and the building became some sort of mix between Urban Outfitters and Ikea. They were shopping for her and I was just standing around there trying to pull myself together. It was like when i would freak out as a little kid. I have no clue what this means.

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I'm back

I'm back, back to the world of the internet, electronic mail and blogs, flame wars, information and news whenever I ask for it. The lights flicker once again in front of my face and I realize it's all consuming power.

I really should get out more.

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the end

I stood by the door for nearly a half hour, I couldn't bring myself to leave but I didn't know what to do if I stayed. I think my experiment just failed.

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Perhaps I spoke too soon. Today, Tuesday I've run into difficulty. I sat at the black table at dinner and had nice conversation with a friend.

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day 2

I ask myself why can't catch up with people I see around me and I ask myself why I'm doing this.

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day 2 poem

As I emerge from the dining hall
tired, full
the world is as bright as the day is long
bright with snow
bright as winter
through the long white expanse, I walk
on paked down snow, cold and barren
as the frigid air that smaks my cheek

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Part I

I deleted all the porn on my computer. During my week of isolationism, I will not Mr. Palmer of any of his five slutty sons.

I'm curious to the effects on my mind.

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