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New embed code...

Since YouTube changed its code, and no longer supports the embed method we used to use, I added a new tag to the site to support the iframe tag. I know Adrian initially didn't want to add iframe, but I know people like embedding videos.

So, to use this:
1. Click Share.
2. Click Embed.

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One more year...

Oasis is 17 years old today!

One more year, and I can sleep with it legally!

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Blast from the past...

As part of my hard drive crash that happened last week, I was retrieving my video of Camille Paglia on Politically Correct from YouTube, which you can watch here:

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Site update...

We did not move hosts this weekend as planned, as there is some coordination required in switching the DNS to point to the new servers (so that our URL knows how to find the site content, in non-geek) in a way to minimize downtime as much as possible.

Adrian did tweak some code for the new site to make us run more efficiently, just waiting for things to line up with his schedule and others so they can have the site down for as short a period as possible.

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So, looks like the site is back up.

Bad timing, as we missed journals about:
- OMG, I had a great time at Pride
- I wish I could be at Pride
- I went to pride but didn't feel an unorganized group of thousands of people represented me as a person

But feel free to add them now! ;-)

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Back in the NYC...

Hmm, I'm not seeing any major dust-ups, sexting scandals or site crashes, so that's a good sign...

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Heads up...

I'm off on vacation tomorrow, and gone all next week.

I'm going to Elder Price's favorite place:

Anyway, fight nice, hopefully the site stays up and running (my being available has little effect in bringing it back up anyway), and I'll see ya'll next weekend!

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An appropriate song...

Since we seem to have a lot of people in a state of longing, crossroads, and coming out and wanting more from things that aren't going to offer it, here's my go-to song for that feeling:

I'm unclear about the weird riff she adds in the middle about "You want to hit me, boy!" etc., heh.

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Just a heads up, before I delete anything...

Saw a recent thread with people questioning Sam2000's identity, whether he's really 12, etc. So, just want to point out that this issue will not continue.

I understand that it is human nature to be skeptical of things that seem amiss, and in an environment like Oasis, where things don't seem to add up, and there is really no means of proof, you can't really resolve it.

So, there's no riddle to unwind here. Everyone is what they say they are online.

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Me and the queen...

Heads up... if you like Oprah, and you like me, why not experience both at the same time?

On Monday, at 8p ET, you can! Tune in to OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network, and you can see Oprah, Tony Robbins, and possibly, ME in the audience at Radio City Music Hall!

What will I ask Oprah? Find out!

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Site had died. Site is risen. Site will crash again.

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Slowly ramping back up...

Job ended in California. Moved back to PA. Road-tripped to Texas for Christmas. Got sick. Sickness just ending. Now it's time to look for work and a place to stay in NYC, which also means I'll be online a bit more...

Place seems to have not imploded, heh.

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Crazy... Oasis turns 16 years old

Just Dave's post just reminded me that Oasis has a birthday coming up.

On December 1, Oasis will have its Sweet 16 (apologies to the Latino/as, as we never had its quinceanera last year).

So, the site is finally older than many of its members, yet I never age. Go figure!

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Heads up...

Just a heads up that I am moving from California to (not quite) NYC by the end of this month, so I'll be offline more than usual...

Then I'll be at my parent's place in PA in advance of making the real move to NYC in January.

So, send a pm if you really need anything, as I may miss some content...

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