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A new beginning...

Nothing will change that much as far as what I do here, except all of my diary entries and such will now be on my personal site.

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Enter the Zone...

No, not the Zone diet, that doesn't work. Instead, I'm about to enter the writing zone again.

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Finally it's happened to me...

The writing turned on full throttle tonight...

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OK, now I feel better...

Status update: Not too much to report. Right before Christmas, I did a major revision to the book. The first fifty pages of the book no longer start the book, they may never appear in any form actually.

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Carol Channing

I know I won't get a damn bit of writing done until I write about the night I just had. Actually, I tend to never work on my novel on Fridays, so given the late hour, and that I need to get this story out of my system, I guess this will be another Friday without progress.

Tonight, I went to a Carol Channing book signing. Every few days, I pass by a bookstore in the Castro near my gym. When I unfortunately pay retail for my books, this is the one store I let charge me full face value on books. In their window recently is a picture of Carol Channing, and a notice that she will be signing her memoir, Just Lucky I Guess, tonight.

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