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So, looks like I'll be in Seattle this weekend. Arrive Saturday afternoon, fly back to SF on Tuesday morning.

If anyone around there wants to get together, grab a coffee, whatever, let me know. No plans as of yet, may hit Bumbershoot one day yet, not sure.

I don't plan stuff too heavily in advance. Hadn't reached my friend up there until this morning, so wasn't sure I was going to get on the plane if he wasn't going to be around, heh.


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Dawkins on Darwin...

been a few random threads on evolution, "Creationism," and such lately. Just saw this on the Washington Post, where Richard Dawkins answered a question about Texas Governor Rick Perry wanting to teach both theories, etc., and this part stood out as rather elegant:

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Nudging Puppies...

I can't stop watching this.

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Vegas, baby!

Well, booked my way out of town for the weekend, so no fighting!

I'll be off gambling, drinking and seeing Barry Manilow and Donny & Marie!


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Charting my future...

This was supposed to be a response to Magic Fantastic on another thread, but I delayed too long, so I figured I'd give it more visibility. The gist was that he has to decide things now that will determine his future career, etc., and it is the usual 'what I love' versus 'what makes sense' that many people go through. So, here's my take on that...

Growing up, I wanted to write novels. Or screenplays. Or anything creative. It was definitely more of an aspirational thing, as I wasn't one of these people who were always telling and making up stories. But that was definitely the idea.

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Fight nice, everyone...

I'm off to a long weekend in Texas, and not going to be online much...

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In absentia...

Hey people...

You may have noticed that I'm not around much, and when I am it is mainly for some background task like deleting spam, etc.

Lots going on, which you can read here if you're so inclined.

I caught some glimpses of conversations about Oasis and popularity contests and not as many people online anymore, etc.

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Do you remember?

I like it when the girls stop by, in the summer... do you remember?

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Contest ending soon!

Hey journal readers,

I know a lot of people bookmark the journals URL and sometimes miss when I post contests and such on the main page. And then, of course, bitch after they find out other people won contests because those people do read the main page. ;-)

In any event, there is a contest ending for a signed book. Both the contest and book review are on the main page:



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Vacation time...

I'm off to Maui for a week, and although I'll be online a bit (testing out my iPad) and hopefully popping some reviews up here, as well, I'll largely be offline.

Just a note that any spam will probably stick around longer than usual, and if the site goes down, well... it tends to come back up on its own anyway.

Back next Friday... and for those of you who will be in San Francisco for Pride, have fun without me! ;-)

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Oasis actually looks damned good on my new iPad... Sweet.

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Always interesting how there is lull on Oasis right after the school year ends, then some new faces show up, some old/familiar faces return, and then, at the end of August, it switches up again...

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Had sort of a first date on Sunday night. We're linked on Facebook, so I'm not saying anything there. He knows about Oasis, but I doubt he'll find this. No biggie if he does.

So, yeah, we went to an experimental play and only chatted before the show started (we met there), and after the show he drove me home, so not a ton of time. But we're already planning another time to get together.

Who said Facebook stalking leads to no good? ;-)

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Hmm, if anyone adds me on Facebook, can you at least mention oasis with the friend request?

I get a few requests a week from younger people, assume it is someone from here whom I can't connect to a username, but then they're on about opposite sex stuff or speaking some other language, etc., and I end up removing them.


I'm if you're so inclined. And, yes, my profile pic isn't very gay, but I assure you we were both born in male bodies, even if only I kept mine.

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There was a thread for these, no? I can't seem to find it. Oh well...

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