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... was active on both here and Facebook until the moment tonight's Liza concert on PBS began.

Coincidence? I think not.

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Vacation again...

Off to Orlando for some Disney time all of next week, so everyone fight nice while I'm gone.

Oh, and someone pick on Nanook for me. Thanks.

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Naked Brothers Band?

Is this some big deal? I was in close proximity to them at a sort-of party yesterday, but had no clue who they are. Could've met them, just didn't care.

What age range are they for? tweens?

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La de dah...

"Hey guys! Tophat here. I'm sorry if it seems like I've abandoned you, I haven't, really. I may just need to communicate through friends for a while, due to certain inconveniences. I'll talk to you all later. BYE!"

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So... any programmers in the house?

I'm about to start looking for a programmer to work with on adding new features to Oasis. But, I figure I should start the search here. I mean, Adrian was a user who turned into the reason we're all still talking here.

So, anyone here know Drupal running on LAMP inside out?


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There haven't been new reviews on here in forever. When is that slacker going to write some new ones?

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Happy gay pride!

Wow, first gay pride I've missed in forever... hope you all are having a good pride weekend, if it's being celebrated where you live. Some cities had theirs already.

All is well in Thailand, no gay scene here, though. Unless you like ladyboys.

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I'm off...

Just a note that I'm headed to Thailand tomorrow, and will be gone for nearly 7 weeks.

I will have a few chances to log in and such, but if there's anything going wrong on the site, especially any new users doing things out of line, please send me a private message with a direct link to the problem.

I won't have time to find stuff, but if you point me to it, I'll handle it.

Also, you can read about my Thailand travels at

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No redesign for Oasis...

Well, my contract writing job is ending instead of continuing, which means the "redesign fund" has a new name: "rent."

Not too tragic, though. The day I finish this gig, I'll fly to a beach in Thailand for 6 weeks to finish my novel.

Then 2-3 weeks of fun in Sf with my mom visiting.

THEN, I might be living in NYC for the rest of the year in an apartment swap.

So, lots of interesting stuff on the horizon. NYC is still tentative, the other stuff is pretty certain.

Good times... but no redesign for ya'll.

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Michael J. Fox...

So, I went to a Michael J. Fox event last night, as he's out promoting his new book and all... and it's mainly him being interviewed on stage for an hour and a half, etc., but one part sounded so similar to the journey of people here, I figured I'd share it.

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Green Day...

Wow, very tired this morning, but had a chance to hear the new Green Day album last night. Well, by that I mean, I got to see Green Day live in a small San Francisco club play their new album end to end and more, for what was basically a 2.5 hour concert for $20. But started at 10:30p, went until 1, couldn't fall asleep until after 3, and had to wake up at 6 to get to work, so that part wasn't fun.

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Ugh, a friendly reminder...

I just spent over an hour editing content on the site because someone put something identifiable in their signature, which their parents found (probably through Google), which linked them here, and etc.

So, as a reminder, anything you post here has to keep you anonymous. If you want to share a blog or something else, only put it on your profile page, as that has code to prevent it from being scanned by search engines.

Please keep all names, locations, and anything else like that off the site, and out of your posts, signatures, etc.



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Fruit Fly...

Just caught the sold-out world premiere of Fruit Fly tonight, a low-budget musical about fag hags in San Francisco, a lot of fun... when it's closer to distribution or somesuch, I'm sure I'll have more to say here...

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So, it seems like no one's heard anything yet.

I know nothing since I last posted.

As soon as someone hear anything, post it here. Of course, I think ya'll know to do that anyway.

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