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Prayers for Bobby...

I'm kind of surprised by this... but the article I wrote more than 13 years ago, and five months before Oasis was officially launched about the book "Prayers for Bobby," has gotten a lot of amazing comments from people who watched the Lifetime movie recently...

Many are from people outside the "youth" scope of this site, writing some pretty powerful comments.

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Survey mania


McDonalds or Burger King? Burger King, McD doesn't have a veggie burger. I try to avoid both, though.
Pepsi or Coke? Diet Coke, although I mostly drink black tea.
Sierra Mist or Sprite? No thanks.
Dominos or Pizza Hut? No vegan pizzas here, so screw'm.
Fridays or Ruby Tuesdays? Fridays, if I have to.
Pancakes or Waffles? Pancakes.

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Hmm... new error?

Just noticed that the journals are abstracts on the front page, only showing the first 500 characters or somesuch.

This makes it good for the people who hate seeing long fiction and surveys, but it also shrinks down the journals.

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Loving Plushgun

I've recently become a bit obsessed with Brooklyn-based band Plushgun, after hearing their first single, "Just Impolite" (video below). Even their EP has only whet my appetite for the full-length album due in February.

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Any Bay Area members?

I'm having a get-together for my birthday later this month, so just let me know and I'll send you the proper invites, etc.

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Unexpected downtime...

Hey... Sorry for the site being down this weekend. Our hosting provider was moving servers around and Adrian didn't think we were going to be affected, but as you may have discovered, we were.

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Hmm, I just won tickets to see Idina Menzel in concert next month.


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Gag reflex saves the day...

If you ever thought to yourself, I wonder what a day would be like for Jeff if he got food poisoning at his job with the hellaciously long commute from his apartment. Would he be able to make it home before all the vomiting starts?

If I just described you, today's your lucky day.


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My pride wrap-up

I originally posted this as a comment to loreonpravus's post, but it seems way too long for that, heh. So, this is my pride wrap-up, albeit not a normal experience for most pride-goers, I wouldn't think.

Went to pride on like 3 hours sleep after being up late/drinking the night before...

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Obama agrees with me...

Just like I commented here on a recent journal entry about why I didn't congratulate someone who graduated high schools, I said I follow Chris Rock's philosophy that you shouldn't get credit for something you're supposed to do.

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Hmm... any cute boys in their mid-20s reading?

Hey there...

Starting to do research for my second novel, and part of that is going to be putting up fake online profiles and ads and using the real responses that come in to sort of flesh out the world I'm looking into.

Sorry, that's as much detail as the general populace needs. I will say the novel is using this essay as its seed:

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A line that was removed from my novel this morning:

"The media throw more softballs than lesbians."

Just amuses me, for some reason. Doesn't really fit in the book, though.

OK, back to bed now, so I can wake up soon to go to work?! There really has to be a better way than this, no?

I keep voting rich husband, but none shows up.

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Spam alert

The spam filter on the site was acting up, preventing people from posting, commenting, etc., so I temporarily disabled it. So, you'll see more nonsense on the site, but I'll go through and clean it up, so just ignore it.

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Three reviews on the front page, and I didn't write any?! I'm liking the looks of that, though it's sadly an anomaly, heh.

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Gavin DeGraw canceled his SF show tonight, so now I have to find other things to do... probably update vegocentric.

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