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My life in Seintology

seintology.jpgOn February 1, I embarked on a life-changing program to help prioritize my life and help me think clear about what I'm trying to accompli

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Got Milk

Today was my first day as an extra on the set of the movie about gay rights icon Harvey Milk. "Milk" is being directed by Gus Van Sant, with Sean Penn as Harvey Milk, Emile Hirsch as Cleve Jones, and James Franco and Diego Luna playing some of the other roles.

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Deleted the Oasis account on MySpace...

So, the Oasis account on MySpace never really found its groove, and all it was seemed to be people requesting to be added, and people commenting me asking what was supposed to happen there, so... I just deleted it.

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Interim comment policy... only registered users

Until the spam filter issue is resolved, only registered users can comment on posts (not a huge issue, seeing that membership is free anyway. If you're concerned about maintaining your closet, just get a new yahoo e-mail to join oasis or somesuch).

Just had to sift through 7 pages of spam to find three legit posts, so that's not going to be worth my time, I'm afraid.

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Spam filter...

As many of you know, the spam filter has been out of control lately, so for now, I shut it off on comments, forum posts, and journals, which should free everyone but new users up (but a lot of spam engines know how to register new users, so I don't want that unprotected for now).

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My new vegan site launched

Hey everyone,

Just a note that my new site,, has launched.

It will mainly be a site about vegan things, vegan news, vegan interviews, vegan cooking, vegan food... you might have noticed a pattern there. Basically, if you don't want to read vegan stuff, don't go here.

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For all of the birthday wishes, on the site, in private messages, on myspace, etc.

Next year will be the really big deal... 40. Ack. :-)

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My take on Pride...

Can be found here.


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I have always depended on the kindness of strangers...

So, today, I was off to the yoga studio to chat with the owners about their website. I'm working up the wireframe and getting the text ready before we hand it off to my friend to make it beautiful. End result: I never pay for yoga.

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Mika, Once, and the Tonys

Reposted from, since it had a lot of Oasis references in it.

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Makes me wonder...

Lots of activity tonight... which is why I'm still coming down from it all at 3 a.m. instead of sleeping to prepare for 9 a.m. yoga. Looks like I'll be hitting noon instead...

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So... who's next in Oasis?

As you see, dykehalo successfully interviewed Julie Anne Peters for Oasis. The big question is... who's next?

Who do you want to see here? And, more importantly, who's going to step up to do the interview?

Let me know who you're interested in interviewing, and I'll help you set it up.

Just keep it realistic (no ellens, etheridges, rosies, eltons, etc.).

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Some changes...

In case you didn't notice, the website now switches over to oasisjournals.

The front page of the site lists the first five articles (interviews, reviews, etc.) and then the most recent journal entries under that.

The title of the site is now listed as Oasis Journals, etc.

Graphic and other stuff soon, I would think.

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I totally blanked. I had intended to note when it was 4:20 on 4/20, but I completely missed it.

No pot here, though, so couldn't really do anything to mark the occassion. Not really into that anymore.

Oh well... next year. such a stoner move to blank that close to it, though.

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OK, that's what i have for now...

Just posted everything I had queued up here.

All the back reviews (was obviously preparing for a Julie Anne Peters interview there, which could still happen), interviews (Jesse and Apichatpong), review copies and contests.

My queue is empty right now, save for two MP3s that will find their way onto the site at the appropriate time.

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