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Break, Blow, Burn: FYI

Since that discussion never really took off, I stopped the ongoing posts.

That said, when I finish, I will be doing a wrap-up post documenting what, if anything, I learned.

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Not as many posts as I would like this week on here, but I was a bit distracted.

On Monday, I found out my father was in a pretty major car accident, lost his arm, alcohol (on his part) was involved (not a surprise, btw), and thankfully no one else was hurt.

Quick poll: Without cheating (Google, Wikipedia), is anyone on the site familiar with The Daughters of Bilitis?

17% (4 votes)
70% (16 votes)
Sounds familiar
13% (3 votes)
Total votes: 23
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Treading water...

Been doing a lot of thinking about how to move Oasis forward, which explains the lack of text generation on my part.

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Big, rambly update...

But... it's not here.

It's here.

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You never forget your first...


Yeah, Oasis is going into the podcast business in March. But this weekend, I'll be learning how to get everything edited/up and running/posted/listed, etc.

One of the features of the podcast will be the ability to here from YOU!

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Need your help...

Hey everyone,

We're about to get more ads on Oasis and one of the fields we need to fill in on the place where people will be able to place ads onto Oasis is testimonials from people on the site, which is you.

So, mainly just need to know why you like Oasis, what you get out of the site, that sort of stuff. Also great if you put your age.

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Jeff's AOL Bill for August 1994

Time On        Type       Free  Paid  Charge  Credit   Total 

94-08-12 08:37  Session      0     2    0.12    0.00    0.12 
94-08-12 02:11  Session      0     3    0.18    0.00    0.18 
94-08-12 01:21  Session      0    10    0.58    0.00    0.58 
94-08-11 23:54  Session      0     2    0.12    0.00    0.12 
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Caught up...

With this last batch of reviews, I am finally caught up with the Oasis backlog.

Basically, I had hoped to launch the site in like October, and I don't think it happened until December, so I had this huge pile of stuff sitting around from when I first started sending out inquiry letters in September/October.

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Google bites back!

I intentionally avoided posting content on the site yesterday, because i figured, eh, it's all just going to be people complaining about Valentine's Day anyway, I'm not going to try and compete with the allure of that!

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Oasis is a bit "crashy"

Adrian is aware of the problem, some setting on our new server isn't happy so the server gets overwhelmed after a while.

If the site doesn't load for you, just drop me an e-mail at:

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Lesbian thoughts...

Hmm, I guess I'm a bit surprised how it seems more difficult to find lesbian youth content than it is to find gay boys.

On Google, YouTube, and other places, the search terms "young lesbian," "lesbian teen," and such find me more porn than real articles, blogs, podcasts, etc.

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trolling the burbs...

Wow, not really finding my groove here out in the suburbs. Oddly enough, though, the stuff I'm not finding time to do is the stuff I thought would be the majority of my time (watching DVDs, seeing movies, etc.).

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Getting into the groove...

Trying to get ramped up here with the new Oasis Magazine launch.

Back in Pennsylvania now for the holidays, so yesterday I went through the old Oasis Magazine archives, removing nearly 1,000 articles that don't need to be imported (mainly the old news, and the letter from the editors, etc). Then, I will be adding the old celebrity interviews and profiles manually (since they require layout, due to the photos and all), and sending the rest off to Adrian to import. All the old celebrity interviews and profiles should be posted this week, and then I can focus all my efforts on writing more of the regular content for the magazine.

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Happy Birthday Oasis!

Today's the day, Oasis is 11 years old.

Thanks to everyone who comes here and makes the site what it is. I don't know that I had any clue what I was starting back in 1995, but I'm certainly glad of what it became.

This will certainly be a birthday that is celebrated in a big way here, hopefully you'll know what I'm talking about within the week. Soon, though.

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