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My "Oasis" block...

Excerpted from today's entry on my blog. Just posting this here for whatever reason:

On a few hours sleep, I had lunch Saturday with Anthony Rapp, in town to promote his new book and do an acoustic show at the Swedish American Music Hall. Once again, the bears made me nervous as every brunch place on my way to Nirvana was overflowing with lines onto the sidewalk, but apparently, Nirvana was too healthy for the bears, and I got my pick of tables. Anthony and I had the longest conversation of the time we have known one another, and it was certainly enlightening.

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A new year...

Resolutions have never been my thing, at least not in January. I always did mine at Gay Pride for some reason, although this was the last year that will be happening.

I don't get on Oasis as much as I'd like, but it's good to see that the site still seems to be vital and living up to why it was put together 10 years ago. There is something special about having a site that is about community that isn't segregated by sexuality and gender, which is how so much of the online world is carved.

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The Cuddler

If anyone is interested, I posted a character sketch that I recently wrote over on my blog tonight. The piece is called "The Cuddler" and is available here. I know I keep talking about writing on here and other places, so here's something you can actually read, since I keep the novel under wraps for the most part.

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Lesbian basketball players?!

I know this is hard to fathom, but one of the best players in the WNBA came out of the closet.

Lesbians playing basketball? Hard to believe, I know, but there you have it.

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JT LeRoy a hoax?

There's a story in this week's New York magazine asking whether JT LeRoy, author of Sarah and The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things, and profiled in Oasis in August 2000, is not a real person.

You can read it online here

For a while back then and in occ

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Enough already...

So, there's been a lot of negativity and name calling lately. I just deleted an account (without even a warning) that used another user's avatar and clearly was there to provoke and make fun of them. Hopefully that doesn't have to be a regular occurrence, as it is obviously a new phenomenon here.

The basic rules here are that we are here to support each other and, if unable to do that, to learn what you will have to learn in the offline world: to ignore people who bother you. No one on this site is wrong, they just think differently than you.

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Gay youth hung in Iran - UPDATED

Hmm, this brings a new focus to the war that is going on. In this picture of their final moments, two teenage boys - one under 18 - were publicly hanged by the Islamo-fascist regime in Iran yesterday for being gay.

Good fodder for discussion about other implications of what we are fighting the war for, as well as some perspective on how trivial some of our big issues really are in this and other more tolerant countries.

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Anne Rice, on her son Christopher

Anne Rice answered the following questions about her son, Christopher, via e-mail. This exchange has also been appended to the Christopher Rice interview:

Jeff: Were you surprised Christopher ended up being an author, given it is also your career? Did anything about his childhood or upbringing make you think... I think this might happen?

Anne Rice: It did surprise me when Christopher completed his first novel, and my husband came downstairs and told me he'd just read it and Christopher's whole life was going to change. I thought Christopher would become an actor. He'd been in plays all over New Orleans, school and amateur productions of all kinds. He loved the stage.

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Christopher Rice interview

Christopher Rice has been featured in Oasis every time he has released a book. In 2000, he came out of the gates with The Density of Souls, which really set the bar for this talented newcomer. With its epic scale including massive floods, gay characters, a multi-generational storyline, and a New Orleans Garden District setting, it made for a bold debut that established him as a unique voice. He followed that up with The Snow Garden, which detailed a murder mystery on a small, northeastern campus that showed the first book wasn't a one-off, but rather the establishment of an author who took questions and background from his life to paint beautiful stories that always hold your attention and keep you reading.

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Larry Kramer: The Tragedy of Today's Gays

Larry Kramer has been a hero of mine since I first accepted being gay. He has always been outspoken, cantankerous, and driven. This speech is long, unsettling, and thought-provoking. I advise you all to read it, and consider it. Thanks, Jeff.


An address to the gay community

By Larry Kramer

(A speech made at Cooper Union, New York on Sunday, November 7, 2004, presented by HIV Forum in conjunction with NYU's Office of LGBT Student Services, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids, Callen-Lorde, and the Gill Foundation.)

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Special deal for Oasis readers in the Bay Area

Hey there everyone,

Just wanted to let people in the Bay Area know that if they want to see a new solo show by Heather Gold, called "I look like an Egg, but I identify as a Cookie," Heather is offering Oasis readers discounted tickets. During the show, she tells stories while baking cookies (which you get to eat at the end).

More information is available about the show at

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A new chapter...

Today, I got fired from my job. This is good news (believe me).

Monday, I begin writing my novel full-time.

Next month, this site, which i started in 1995, turns NINE years old!

Lots of change on the horizon (for me, that is, any change for this site is up to Adrian).

More details on my firing at http://www.jeffwalsh.

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Call for Submissions

Blithe House Quarterly, the leading online journal of lesbian and gay literary fiction, is pleased to open submissions for its 2005 issues.

"*The* journal, online or off, for gay short fiction. Blithe House Quarterly is one of the best literary sites on the Internet. Period." --

"Internet-based fiction journals have become a significant force in publishing, especially for serious short fiction.  In Web-only lit journals such as Blithe House Quarterly, the short-story form is alive and clicking."

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Story from me in new gay marriage anthology

Hey everyone... figured I should let you know that a story I wrote called "Wedding Dae," about the boy who wanted to marry me in Thailand, appears in a new queer marriage anthology called "I Do, I Don't: Queers on Marriage."

It has tons of contributors from people you've heard of (Margaret Cho, Patricia Nell Warren) to a lot of people you will hear from eventually (me, others).

Anyway, more information on the book is available at the Suspect Thoughts website, which is run by Greg Wharton and Ian Philips, who are a great couple running their own independent imprint.

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