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I'm sure nobody reads my blogs, but here goes anyway!

I'm a little peeved tonight and I just need to get all this out on paper.

It's about guys (when isn't it?) First off, this guy Josh wants to be in a serious realtionship with me. I like him and would like to try it too. However, when we talked on the phone tonight it was like we were just making small talk. Like we were on the phone because it was obligatory.

There is a guy online who is deaf and lives in NY. We have been chatting online for years. We kinda have fallen into a special relationship and I think if we lived close enough we would be together. We are just so evenly matched and care deeply for one another.

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What an amazing weekend! I think!?

Well, what a great weekend. First, I hooked up with my ex's best friend........................

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To Be or Not To Be (Gay!?) Part Deux

Hello again everyone!

Well, Jonah and I had a talk about the events stemming from the party. If you didnt see the first blog, he is "str8" and hit on me and showed me his goods...............

Anna Nicole Smith

9% (4 votes)
Trailer Trash
38% (18 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Actually a guy in drag
15% (7 votes)
Ewwwww Grosssssss!!!!
38% (18 votes)
Total votes: 47
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To Be or Not To Be (Gay)

My gut tells me not to even go here, but sometimes you just can't help it.

Here's the situation, I have been attending college since September and have been friends with this guy (we'll call him Jesse) since school started. We have always joked around about having sex, etc., etc. All this with him not knowing I was gay.....................................

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Oasis is back!?

Can anybody explain to me what happened to Oasis. I have been away for awhile and did not learn of its demise until I found that it did not recognize my old username. I want all the details. Later. Thanx.

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