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Freakin strange dream

Holy hell. I dreamed I was a guy.

Not only was I a guy, I was screwing my ex, Jenna. It was more than freakin strange. It was disturbingly scary. (I wonder if that's what it feels like for a guy IRL?) Wayyyy too detailed.

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... although I hate to call it even a semi. I'm not apologizing for posting my own personal opinion. I am, however, apologizing for coming across as accusatory. I didn't mean to sound ... mean. Y'all are right about that. So I'm sorry for coming across that way. Next time, I'll keep my language impersonal so as not to put myself on everyone's hit list.

Thank you to the people who supported me. Those who didn't, I respect your opinions. (Quit sending me hate mail.) I'm not taking back what I said, but all the arguments for Kerry are sure to make me think.


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I'm sorry, I have to get it out of my system. Again.

KERRY IS FUCKING INSANE!! OK well not insane but god damn ... you people would let him run your country?! You would trust him with your lives?! I wouldn''t trust him with shit! Just because of the gay marriage, you're willing to put Kerry in office??? Haven't you heard of patience?! I'm just as much of a flaming bisexual as the next, but Jesus!

And for the people who talk about the war in Iraq, if you put Kerry in ofice, he would take the troops out. He would be saying that everything our soldiers did, didn't mean shit. That the men and women who died over there didn't mean shit. Yes, he may have kept some people from dying if he had done that, but in the long run, we all would have gotten bombed and killed because he wouldn't have stood up for the U.S. He would have been saying that it was OK that they attacked us. He would have been saying it was OK for the terrorists.

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Bush for Pres

Damn, y'all. I'm glad Bush won. He knows what he's doing. Kerry would have gotten us all blown up in six months.

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Wanted: stereotypical gay male, aged 16-19, with good fashion sense and knows how to waltz, won't mind comforting a psycho dyke and likes shopping.

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Stefanie .... *siiiiiigh*

I love this girl. OK well perhaps not "love," but I strongly like her. She's beautiful. She has this reddish-brown hair with golden highlights when the sun hits it just right. Her skin is sooooo pale, it's like translucent. Her face is pointed, adorable, like an Amy Brown faery. Her hands are tiny. Everything about her is amazing. I love it. And I got to sit next to her in English -- AND TALK TO HER!!!!!!! Her voice is pretty, kind of high but not whiny or squeaky, it's just very feminine.

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English Class

Got to sit next to my latest crush. She's sooooo beautiful. Reddish-brown hair, this white white white skin .... It's like translucent or something. She looks like an Amy Brown faery. I got to actually talk to her!!! More later.

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Oh yes, I'm back! Man I have been away from here for too long yo. It's been what, two weeks? Lol. Damned computer died on me and I'm using a crapass old one from like '95 with AOL 7.0 and it's a fuckin antique to me.

So, who missed me? Anyone? Anyone at all?

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Anorexia and college papers

I hate college papers. They're stupid. Especially when you have two days to get one done on some subject you know less than crap about and you still feel shitty due to the stomach flu you contracted last week. Bah.

I feel all anorexic and icky. Again the stomach flu. Since I couldn't eat for like 36 hours, my stomach has shrunk to the size of a pea and I'm constantly hungry but food still makes me nauseous.

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Not camping

I stayed home this weekend. Not by choice, but because I woke up in the middle of the night Thursday (well, more like really early morning Friday) and hurled for awhile. Figured I couldn't up and go to Western Maryland like that so I stayed home. Didn't eat a damned thing for 36 hours or so. Now I look and feel anorexic (even more so than usual, according to my friends).

Josh seems to be doing OK, I haven't seen him since Thursday though, so I'm not sure.

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Update on suicide intervention

Well Josh is alive. He's extremely upset, though. He can't get ahole of anyone in regards to Cristina, which is driving him even more insane.

He told me that one of Cristina's friends told him that she had another boyfriend in Cali, and now he's started thinking that maybe the whole thing with Cristina was just her leading him on. Personally, I think he needs a sedative or two. I just have to keep him mostly sane and in one piece. I'm praying that Cristina is OK and that she isn't toying with him -- she's bi and has two girlfriends already, and for awhile she had declared herself a lesbian. I dunno about her.

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Panties and parents .....

are never a good combination. Especially when it's a pair of your x-gf's panties. Behind your stereo. That you totally forgot about. Yes, my mother found a pair of Jenna's panties behind my stereo. She picked them up with two fingers, looked at me and said, "Are these yours, Ducki?" I lied, naturally, and said yes. Ah, the advantages to being caught with a pair of female panties.The advantages of being bi.

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Women and coming out and other assorted ideas

Is today Declare Your Love For A Woman Day? I've seen like three posts dedicated to the women that people love. Hmm. I would do a declaration, but I don't have a specific woman I can say I'm truly in love with right now. *fake cheery voice* I'm single, ladies! *laughs at self*

Anyway. Oh God, my first day at college was yesterday. I never thought I would say this, but I like math better than English. Probably because the English is all research and essays and crap that I'm not good at. I do FICTION, people, get with my program here! Lol. But no, and math is easy enough, seeing as how I've done most of it before (failed Algebra twice). And I met some people, three chicks and two guys. Fun stuff. I'm terrified still, because tomorrow is my second day and I dunno, it makes me nervous. I was late to math, so I'm going to leave earlier this time. It was great, I'm the youngest in both my classes since I'm 16, and people give me this look like, "Are you a midget or just really young?" It's hysterical. Everyone I met (amazingly!) is older than me -- the next youngest person is 21. Lol.

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Rollercoasters and surfing and atomic bombs and what they all have in common

I like rollercoasters, I really do. I like the ones at Kings Dominion, like the Rebel Yell and the Grizzly and the Anaconda. I like the ones at Busch Gardens, like the Alpengeist and the Apollo's Chariot. I've never been to Six Flags, but I'm sure their rollercoasters are awesome too.

I've never been surfing either, but it looks like fun. Someday, I'll learn how. Blame that on Summerland, that show on the WB.

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I made a friend!!!!!

Wow! I made a friend! Well I mean I make lots of friends but this is really cool! Met her through Oasis (although not exactly on the site =P) and she's like really awesome. I'm turning into a glbtq helpline or something. But that's cool, I like talking to people who listen and I like helping people even if I can't seem to do it right half the time (which I've done rants on before). I'm nice! Really! I don't bite ....

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