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Hey Hey

Well, nothing really new. Still single, girlies.
I am back in New York City for a short amount of time but stupidly left my cell phone in London. I mean, wtf. My UK cell phone is here with me, my US is in London.
Meh. I can never seem to keep track of everything. Too much shit!!
Listening to Z100, my love.
And excited because..
*drum roll*
I am done with HIGH SCHOOL BITCHES!!!

Well email me or hit me up on my xanga.

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Theres A New Girl Here...Elbow Sex??

Ahh yes, remember that sweet little girl i told you all about? Well, her name is Clare. and Her Oasis is: Meep_07.
So PLEASE give this girl some advice regarding coming out to religious parents and deciding whether or not its just a phase, because I can't do it all by myself, it's been far too long for me to remember those days.

When your all confused and scared and everyones asking you whether or not its "just a phase" i mean now people dont question whether its a phase, since they've seen me kiss my ex girfriend and i've told them loads of horrendous details about all my adventures. ;)

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Havent been here in a while

Hey ya'll. I havent been here in...a good long while. I had alot of sexual drama going on in my life this summer. But now I have a steady english boyfriend, Andrew, and as this one guy said recently that I am no longer the cute rebel i was when i first moved to london, that I have become a boring twat. Well, i guess thats true. but that also just means that I have matured. Like, I've gone to the side where the adults are now. I can never go to never never land again.

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My Greek Affair

The Greek Affair

I stepped onto the 80-foot schooner and met some of the crew: George, the captain, Rita the cook, June, one of the hands. We immediately get to work on our bags which are huge and out of place anywhere on the boat. I was sitting in the ‘living room’ waiting for Sarah to get done with her bag, and I looked up. Coming down the stairs from the deck, backwards, was a guy, nothing extraordinary except that if he was a crewmember I hadn’t met him yet. He brought a bag down to one of the rooms, and then came back up, we locked eyes for a few seconds and we both broke the gaze, blushing. We didn’t know it yet, but as our time together went on, we would never be able to stare at one another without blushing and turning away. Every-time he passed, the same thing happened. It was as if our bodies could help but show their pleasure at such a sight.

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My Greek Affair

Greek Affair

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I just said goodbye to you
The heat of your body still surrounds me
the feel of your lips against mine, stil lingers
You are my whole heart
and my whole soul
And I must leave you
to dance among the Greeks
and smoke away my longing.

You are everything I ever wanted
and will always remain my one true love
Despite Amy, Damien, Aylen and all the rest.

Jen: I love you
I want to marry you.

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The Call

And warm wet tears stream down my cheeks
My sad eyes sparkle from crying,
The area around them red.

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Girl Scouts Response

My message:

I was a Girl Scout when I was younger, but due
to my family moving around a great deal, I
was never able to rejoin.

Recently, the subject of the Boy Scouts not
allowing gays to pledge came up. I was
wondering if Girl Scouts has a similar
"discrimination", not so much for me, but for
my friend.

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A Thought.

Wow. And I was just getting mopey yesterday for my stuff never being read or people writing be back when i write them long responses. And I wake up this morning, and my storys right there. It makes me feel good. Besides, my dad says he wants to send it to the New York Times... I think I will have some spell checking to do...but other than that, i just hope that you guys do read it and actually respond because theres no other way for me to know what is good or bad about it!

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The Traveller

A traveller. Someone typically described by their lifestyle of consistently moving from one place to another. They have no “home

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Sex. Life.

Sex with a female is the most real life honest soul filling experiance. I love Jen so much. I see myself marrying her and moving down to South Carolina and smoking alot and sitting on our white wrap-around balcony facing the sea, and her smoking her cigar, and us having two or three dogs. Big ones and small ones. The grass is long and we shag in it sometimes, until we adobt a litttle boy. The little boy is brown, from a country of browns, i dont know what that would be. Hes got long straight black hair and big watery eyes. He loves us both, and is a real good kid. Jen makes me feel good. And i would love to marry her. To spend the rest of my life waking up in her arms...

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Lier Lier Pants on Fire

Remember that "long term break" I mentioned?

It wasn't so long term.

He thought about it all weekend and had been thinking about it all year and decided that he was ready to start dating. He said that a girl hasnt made him smile like I have. So I am sorry gals...


It's like a light switch: On, OFF, On, OFF, On...

2 minutes after I said yes and explained that he should feel lucky because there is atleast 16 other people who want me, my ex girlfriend, stoned off her ass, IMs me and says; I was juss thinkin', about you being single and how I wanted you back. Could we go out again?

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Aylen and I are...'friends'. I guess you can call it a long term break that doesnt really have a end in the future. However, regardless, I will be taken as of the Summer of 2005. Jen's got first dibs on my ass as soon as I am back in the US.


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Online Relationships

Alright. So I've gone and cleaned everything up with the Max and Jen thing.

New subject: Aylen. God do I love that boy. Hes really sweet and geniuine. He's trying to come and see me in September and I am so fucking excited.

The issue: I met him online.

This isnt the first time I have had a long distance relationship with someone I met online. My last was Tim from Ohio. That lasted 2.5 years on and off. Tim is a goth, nothing wrong with that, except he wasnt exactly the sort of kid you would want your parents to meet. Yes, I loved him alot. I have an entire chronicle of my diary entries of our relationship. We had a soulful connection, and we never met up.

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An Update, and Realisations

I told Max everything. It felt good. And he was so unjudgemental. He said he was cool with not really trying to figure out what was going on between us, to ease shit on me, and for the moment I guess we will just try to act as "normal" as possible. I told him about Jen freaking about us, and he said:
" if we dont fix this, its gunna fuck up my friendship with her, and shes going to use it against me if her and I ever get in a fight. "

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