should gay pornography (literature) be posted openly on this site?

absolutely not
32% (16 votes)
hell yeah
28% (14 votes)
dunt care
40% (20 votes)
Total votes: 50
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A Kiss When You Need It

Disclaimer: Me no own

Warnings: Seifer kissing Squall ^^... a little...kinda...uhh...hardly angsty....


The phone rang, sending a piercing shrill of irritation through the night air. A rumpled mop of auburn locks poked out from underneath the sheets followed by harsh and sleepy slate gray eyes. The brunette turned over to look to the bright red glowing digits of his alarm clock. They practically screamed 10:21. He drowsily reached over to retrieve the phone off its cradle, almost knocking over the lamp that sat there.

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my best friend commited suicide

yeah... thats what i believed until i found out otherwise.. me and my bf were online together when my bbf's ex bf msg'd me saying that "she was gone" he went on to tell me that she had slit her wrists and took pills and that her parents found her when they came home from work.. of course i believed it because the both of us... especially when we were together (she's also my ex gf), we're both highly suicidal... anyways... i had been dating my bf for more than 5 months and she had just broken up with her bf (he cheated on her) and her dad was being an ass... with all this going on any other time she wouldve ended up back in the hospital (psyco dept.)... again for like the 3rd time... ive manged to stay out of the hospital for 3 years and ive only stopped cutting for a few months... thx to my bf... but i find out from one of my ex's (her cousin) that he'd seen her and her sister's graduation. for the fact that my mom and i had been suffering thinking she actually was dead... my bf and i are a little more than pissed. ive known her for 3 yrs but if i never see her again, i wouldnt care too much.....

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