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l'amour: recipe for bad poetry

You've got the most astonishing
Buttermilk soft skin I've ever stroked.
You've got me melting away
As we lay
there on top
of the cool white sheets
Of your bed,
Exulting in the exotic sweetness of…
je ne sais quoi.

Yes sex… How better to start a poem?

My self diagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder
Is characterised by my neurotic repetition
Of those three little words

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sometimes its pressure from both sides.

“Close your eyes
Make a wish
And blow out the candle light…

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passion's request

How much do you
Like pain...
You know
A little smack
A scratch
A shove
A slap
A thrust
A tug
A tweak
A bite
..Or two?

Can I leave a little…
You know
A bruise
A sprain
A blister
A blemish
A scar
And here and there
Some Black and some

can I kill you off…
With a kiss?

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bubbling thoughts-100 degreez-:p

Yes this is random.

The temperature of body is the measure of its degree of hotness or coldness.
In order for the temperature of a body to be assessed- one has to consider how hot it is or how cold it is or whether or not it is lukewarm (and if so what temperature is lukewarm? is it hotter than it is cold or colder than it is hot?- where’s the midpoint? Has it been scientifically defined? no, its indefinable. Consider a case where the two (hot and cold) are virtually mutually exclusive, where one is not cold it is therefore hot and where one is not hot it is therefore cold-

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i'm sorry but i just cant change for you.

i dont live for other ple, i dont live solely to make other people feel comfortable- especially those with the bibles tightly clenched- fucking hypocrites- i tell them - motherfucker dont judge me-
they ask me why i'm swearing.
i tell them judge aint a swear word, but they still aint answered my question.

i am sick and tired of smug little christians/non christians and much worse- nouveau-christians judging me and looking at me as if i am doing something wrong-

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What if somebody walks in?

Finally the bell rings,
To put an end to the painful hours
Spent pretending to pay attention to the pictograms
On the board- I sprint out of the labs and the first thing
I see is her.
All the insignificant noise and the people it emanates from
Deliquesce into the backdrop-

In a moment of thrill,
She pulls my hand and leads me eagerly to an abandoned classroom

I live for these moments.

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slicing me open- whats happenin2me

why am i so bloody angry?
i'm not screaming and shouting and throwing random pieces of furniture (wwe smackdown style) no- i'm in pain... i feel like atlas- only at least the world was on his shoulders- on the outside-

i feel a pain, a heavy,drowsy, consumptive pain sapping my strength from the inside...
tugging onto my heart-
my heart hurts.
ever walked into a chair/door and hit your toe against its corner.... you know that sharp pain that brings you swiftly down to the ground as it shoots up at double the speed to your heart, and you can feel the temperature rising in ur chest as u are now helpless, weakened, compelled to hold your foot up tightly as u rock back and forth in pain?- still ur heart feels pierced.

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lose yourself?-maybe i took eminem 2literally. nah

I wasn’t always like this, ‘cool’, ‘popular’, excessively ‘bubbly’, insensitive, self-centered, gay… pretending to be straight, in fact I didn’t have a sexuality.

I never used to get horny, I never felt a crush on anyone, I wasn’t always happy, but when I was- I was genuinely happy. I was innocent. I was the victim of jokes/insults/teasing- never the offender.

Fuck, how can two years of my life just disappear like that? How can a whole two years be fully summarized in just two short paragraphs, who the hell was I when I was 13-14… what happened to me? Where did that person go?

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rainbow before the tears.

with the tip of my nose i can still smell her,
still feel her scent flow in slow thick convection currents through my lungs,
lying on my bed longing for her kisses,
memories of which still lingering on my tongue,
as the shivering sensations travel down my back,
they are escorted by images of her laughing,
..loving me-
pushing my threshold.

and so swiftly they come trickling down

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why cant we all just get along?

why is everyone so angry?
the slightest comment and they go into bitch-mode...
why is it so easy to feel provoked and equally to provoke someone else?

why do people so get so angry or as i would like to call it- passionate?

why is everyone so insecure?
why do we think of people in terms of enemies and friends?
whats an enemy?
how can you bring yourself to call someone that?
isnt it a bit medieval/warmongerish?

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hmmm smug smug smug little me!

hee hhee
my girlfriend looks fabulous today!!!!!!!!!

ah for those of you who arent getting any today- boo yah- i am.

later guys.

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schizophrenic in love


I have a secret to share with you
I feel that you should know-


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the ultimate ultimatum

The biggest mistake one can make when in love is thinking too hard.
Considering the situation, each statement and movement, gesture and breath too deeply and thus ‘losing the plot.’
I’m not even smart enough to answer all the questions floating at random in my head.
What a waste it would be to spend a lifetime thinking, premeditating, meditating and lets not forget re-meditating ( not that such a word exists :s) each and every second- there’s an cell phone ad that’s on TV that goes “make every second count

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3.35 am-

aka dare to dream.

It begins
At the corners
I can feel the white
Become red
As the scarlet veins
Embrace my worn-out orbs.
Pensively, I sit soundless
In the dusky light,
Lids creeping down
As the sandman's stopovers
Become more frequent
But I cannot bring myself
To be the one
Who says stop
I feed the burn
With the sound
Of one hand typing

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dear sister- i miss ya

Ah, my life just gets more and more tragic- I’m so lost and lonely-
Hmmm my sister’s gone to her friend’s house for the whole weekend,
I feel so lonely- its only 8 o clock and I keep looking at my watch waiting for her to come back- I miss her so much, its weird actually.
All the tv shows are not the same without her laughing with me.
My room is not the same without her popping in at unexpected intervals just to tell me arbitrary facts from the top of her head.

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