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mumblings from far off

Let the wind blow away these kisses,
and bury them in your gentle lips…

Spent a fortnight of pain and liquid dreams,
mumbling distant shadows of words I should have said,
envisioning the distant shadow of you,
reaching out to it only to catch my own…

... can i admit i miss you?

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i wish i could commit...but monogamy's overrated

i dont know whether to feel guilty or just plain evil and accept my situation.

NB i am female.

a year and a half ago, I hooked up with this girl-Na - ( she is as hot as it gets), tho i was kinda crazy about her- within a week... i started cheating on her with all these guys,and she found out.

we worked things out and continued going out.
i was then faithful only for another week and it started again- this time i had made sure that she would never find out from any of her friends etc... i played her out very well.

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58 kg of me, ounce by ounce

“how come, we don’t even talk no more
and we don’t keep in touch no more
and you don’t even call no more…

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monosyllabic reveries

i always tried,
i always tried,
but in vain.

i always cried,
i always cried,
pillow's stained.

you always hide
you always hide
i went insane.

i almost died
i almost died
from the pain...

-dedicated to my girl,
enveloped in the silence were those thoughts you never shared.

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mass production-wont the real slim shady please stand up...

… nike, dada, sean john, addidas, puma, reebok, jeep, faith wear, bad boy, phat farm,
… everybody’s got a label, but me. If I had one what would I call it… dammit “phat farm

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mirabile dictu

A failed lonely college student consumed by confusion,
Lost in a void, his vile world, his stressed mind overcomes his understanding
At this point in his life, lost in his excitement, everything is an illusion,
A nightmare that had spun a web of horrors around him. Embalmed in sorrow.
Against his will he stands beside his own reflection,
It belittles him; his image taunts him.
His rage sacrifices him at the altar of his own tears. Weak,

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vanity vs sanity

“ I miss you…
its been so long and I’m lost without you,
what am I gonna do?...
see, i’ve been needing you, wanting you..

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professional nobody.

... maybe its just something i can't admit,
but lately, i feel like i don't give a shit..

"I am a wannabe
You better be careful around me
I come from far away, where mustang dreams are made
And we are fashioned in the image of the Don's who have come before us
We all kiss the rings of sand like our fathers told us."

i hate quoting, yet i do it so much, it makes it seem as if my life is just one big chain of song lyrics and quirky sayings to the

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the emotional vomit

“I act like $hit don’t phase me,
inside it drives me crazy,
my insecurities could eat me alive..

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whispers to the deaf

Your hand strokes my face softly
As your eyes lunge into the depths of my soul,
And salvage me from the shallow waters, pulling
Me onto the shore where I crash upon your lips.
Never before had I felt a more harmonized chaos,
More serenity in cacophony, more freedom in addiction.

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won't the real slim shady please stand up...

“ once I saw somebody who looked just like you
and walked like you do,
I thought it was you…

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words cannnot describe..

“How sweet is love…
And she blows when she kisses,
How sweet is love,
And she whispers when she kisses,
How sweet is love.
How sweet is she…

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whiff of love

I am not in love,
but i'm open to persuasion...

east or west,
where's the best,
for romancing?

with a friend,
i can smile...
but with a lover i can hold my head back and reall laugh...

thank you.

you took me dancing,
across the floor,
cheek to cheek,
but with a lover i can really dance,
i can really move,
really dance..

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21 bottles of pee on the wall...

2004/07/28 15:09:23

“Please just don’t play with me, my paper heart will bleed..

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I watch my life trickle away with her tears,
My own flowers torn and thrown at me,
Lost am I.

I used to hold her hand, kiss it and sigh “I love you

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