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...just a dream

My senses got dazzled whenever you're near,
And when you touched my hand my stomach bounced in delight.
My hands sweat floods of unacquainted love.

As tears build up, I cry on your shoulder,
Knowing you call me only as a friend.
I love you with all of my bleeding heart,
I'll loved you from the very start'til the very end,
But, sadly, I cry, because you're just a friend.

“bang bang bang- dammit there goes my clean shirt."

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its ilegal to be myself where i live...

"i looked at her and she knew it was wrong,
"she looked at me and i knew it was wrong,
but then the rhythm started to flow..."

feeling hiphoppy today- hmm feeling like creating my own words too it seems

in my country (ugh i already sound like some trashy novel)
its illegal to be gay.

i remember the time when i found that out the hard way, and that was when
i was out at the bowling alley w my girlfriend,

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preview of the remix-

i hate it when people try to be deep, because there's
nothing shallower than when people get lost in their own
sentences... and they put a full stop somewhere akwardly
like this.

i'm my own biggest critic.

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hello world

meet chiedza,
meet world.

chances are, you two
will probably not like each other,
but what the heck.

accept chiedza,
accept world,

chances are you two
will probably not accept each other,
but what the heck.

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