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I want to give her everything...

I want to give her everything. We are so far apart. What do I do? What do I tell her. What am I supposed to do to forfill her every need. I want to hold her when she wants it, and I want to comfort her everyday, for the rest of our lives. How do I do it if she is 50,000 miles away from me. What happens after I see her? Will she still love me until we see eachother again, will she still love me always? I believe her when she says she does.

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Have anyone?

Have you guys ever been so scared to meet some one, so nervous, so anxious, and so excited, like you have all these different thoughts and emotions, knowing that time is getting closer to seen that one person? Tell me tell me tell me...

Are/Do You...

Believe In A God.
51% (34 votes)
An Athiest
24% (16 votes)
Have No Clue
25% (17 votes)
Total votes: 67
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my world is gone

Shes gone guys, Shes gone, after 1 year and 1 month, she is gone within 1 day, shes gone, shes gone.

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How about when... Comment Please

Have you ever had anything that just irritated you to know end? A close person to you who believes every detail of lie that a stranger tells them about you? May be a loved one who does not trust you even though they say they do? How abut people full of lies who just don't care about your feelings? How about when you tell them everything that you did that day, with the people you hang out with and they take it overboard?

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The Gay Revolutionary

This I Found on as we all know.

This is called the Gay Revolutionary. This is how they judge us. We are supposed to be the bad guys I guess. They say we are starting a revolution.... Enjoy... and tell me what you think...

The following was written by Michael Swift, a self-confessed "Gay Revolutionary," and appeared in the Gay Community News, Feb. 15-21, 1987.


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any ideas would be greatly appreciated

i am so, blank and careless. my relationship with christa is plain as a white sheet of paper, any ideas on what to do would be great.

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Most Beautiful

This is just a little thing I wrote for my beautiful girlfriend Christa, and I gave it to her too, but I just thought to share it with you guys...

I love it when you touch my face,
Run your fingers along my jaw,
When i am laying on top of you,
Just holding you, looking at you,
Your beautiful smile stares at me,
Love from one blushed cheek to another,
Your hands run across my back,
Through my hair, and to my jaw again,

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Love and Me Together Again...

Well, me and Christa talked this weekend. I am sure we are going to be ok hopefully(Knock on wood). The truth is, I don't think I could ever lose that girl. She is such a big piece in my life, I would be crazy to let her slip away just like that. But yeah, I am so greatful to have her. But just to let everyone know, if you ever get anyone as good as Christa, you better try to work that baby out if you get into a huge fight, its not worth losing someone like her to.

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Kill Me Now...

Get this, me and christa are great with eachother at school and when we are just together in general. But, when we are at home after school, and we even think about talking to eachother over the phone or over IM, we always fight no matter what. Now this is to the point of where i don't even want to talk to her because, i can't stand it when we fight, it kills me inside. I am so depressed, i am so mad.

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changed username

hey people of oasis, just to let you know i changed my username from not4guyz to livelovedie...

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death in the family... miss my posts

my favorite grandmother just passed away, i have to leave for ohioin a few hours, and we are going to be there until monday, so i guess i wont be posting for a while. well i havent told my girlfriend yet, because right now she at school, obviously i got checked out, so i am leaving for ohio, and she doesnt even know wbout it. my grandma is the only one who didnt freak out when i told her i was gay, and i wanted christa to meet her so bad, but now she cant, because my grandma is dead, i hate this, it just isnt fair.

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Dont you hate it when...

OMG. dont you just hate it when someone wants to tell you something but then they decide not to, like when they are like " I have something to tell you" but then they are like "never mind" i fucking hate. my girlfriend is all mello and shit and i hate it when she it like that too, and it is so fucking annoying when she is all like, hey i want to tell you something and then i am like "What do you need to tell me" and then she is like well never mind, or i cant tell you on the phone or some stupid bullshit like that, i hate it when she doesnt make any sense, i mean she doesnt make sense out of anything, she always does shit the hard way.

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ok so this is how the double date between me and my girlfriend, and my ex and her girlfriend... one word.... BORING... we didnt say anything to eachother, no conversation, no joke no nothing. we made a couple of comments but nothing turned into a conversation, and i am over there trying to talk but again, no conversation, what the hell, i dont get it. so i invite them back to my place (we were at the mall,) so that maybe we could talk in the luxury of a home, but it didnt happen that way.

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wrecked and sinking fast- be a hero and save me

i fucking hate my life right now, it is so fucked up. i am sick and have been out of school for two days now, and i cant see me girlfriend. well she called me today and started bitching about her mom. i was tryng to give her advice to not take it so personally, ( because when her mom gets mad she just throws random comments out). i try my best to help christa out, but it always seems that she just throws it right back into my face.

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