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Her Point
I watched her so many nights as she slept so peaceful
and wonder yet again why I was awake and she was
asleep and wHY I couldn't: sleep wasn't coming and I was
simply tossing and turning
For a long time she was the one I loved. For a long
time we where one of two. We where working thought
are problems then suddenly we where drifting apart
Like two different people suddenly. One day and one

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GSA meeting yesterday went pretty well. Lisa is
still having problems with her parents but they
haven't threatened to kick her out yet just they
want her to go to this church and "get help" how
stupid I mean really its not something that can be
fixed with a simple trip to a priest or something
like that and she has said she won't go because she
says she knows it won't work and for that she

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Someones playing

Well my sis Jesse has decide I need someone in my
life and he and her husband just got a roomate and
I am not going to comment on him because I have also
know him half my life and I don't think he is interested in me.
I wouldn't know how to act if he was. I don't know
anyways she is trying to get him to be in my life
in a romantic way.
Then of course this weekend they are leaving to
go to her husbands grandmothers funeral. I am sad

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All thats happened

I am leaving next year to go to Denver one way or another
The plan was to go to Tennessee but it looks like
with my car out of comusion that I won't be able
to go anywhere and I really need to get out of here
so its I can pay my own way to go to Tennessee or
have someone else pay for me to go to Denver I picked
the latter. I think it will be fun to go to Denver
and learn what I need to about running a business. THis

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Any more?

My car broke down so I didn't get to class on
Monday but I stood on the road for a while trying
to decide who I needed to call to get me out of this
mess. I finally decide to call Kelly and she came
and picked me up and we got my car towed back to
my house.
Then I got a phone call from my GSA presdient
at the high school saying that there was an emercany meeting
So I got someone to give me a ride to that. Lisa

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Just some more poems

Wrote this one last night
I've gotten to the point that I see how I've made
it this far. Sharp shiney objects its all I needed
I'm keeping myself from slidding over the edge
I've been here alone all my life and I've got
no need for anyone right know
I decide last night that maybe I wanted to end
it all I stood on the side looking over
trying to find a way out I decide that I have

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I don't know

I have this deep dark secret and thats the fact
that I hate his guts he thinks he understands me yet her
really doesn't and I can't seem to figure out why
He's just so precious and he should understand
cause he's been by my side the whole time
He should understand I've walked a thosand
miles and hell to be with him yet he want's to turn his
back and throw it all away he doesn't want to see what I've been

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New Job

Hum I have a new job. Yesterday I had a GSA meeting
with my high school students. Well I stayed a little
longer after the meeting to fill out some paper
work. I was sitting at the computer when I heard a
knock on the door.
I looked up and saw "Lisa" one of my GSA students
standing at my office door. She asked if she could
speak to me. I was like sure does the door need to be
open or shut. She asked that it be shut. Which

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I am fighting myself and everyone around me I mean
I threw punches last night. Danny and Jess came over.
My band mate and the girl I regrad as my sister
who has been with me all my life. I threw punchs
over using a razor, a knife and a fork. I wanted the
razor to shave the knife and fork to eat. I mean
everything sharp has been taken out of this apartment
and I am happy but I have to have basic stuff to

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Sylvia Beach

Anyone heard of her. She was a bookstore own in
1887-1962 but she has a wonderful life story that
just inspired me. I had to pick someone to write
about in French and she was the one I picked.

Born Nancy Woodbridge Beach to a Presbyterian Minister
in Bridgeton New Jersey, Nancy changed her name
as a teenager. She moved to Paris after fleeing
Princeton. She helped the Red Cross in WWI in Serbia.

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Hurt me and myself

Nite- Oldest to Newest
The night is set so when they find me
all they have to do is bury me I enter into
the house and put the kids my siblings to bed
Tell my parents good bye as they leave for their
trip and lock myself in my room.
Heaven didn't want me and neither did Hell I was
told by god (or someone) to go back and I'm missing
the ability to cope the ability to think the ability
to be I can't keep living like this

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Last night

I had a panic attack and called the one person I
trusted J and she came over and found out what
had been going on with me. I helped her remove all
sharp objects from my house and helped her take
out anything else that might be a target for me to use
I have so say that I am feeling a whole lot better
and her and godsons have been here all day and I have
been playing with my one year old godson. He is

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Being Angry

Feelings- Angry, Lonely and Sad

Why? I am facing my demons which leaves me lonely and
sad and angry because people refuse to leave me long enough to
let me fight them.

Anything but this- I am so mad someone wants me
to date them and they don't relize that I can't date
them till I have fought all my demons. Picking up
a razor and holding it to my arm and cutting means
I am not done with my demons yet and they will

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Yeah Yeah

I stood in the rain letting it wash away my sins
and letting it start my life anew to bring a new
light over everything
I'm wanting to dream again I want to love again
and I'd do anything to do that again I don't want to
cry but right know I want to.
Someone asked how I got this lonely I got this
way because of the people I was around they tryed
to hurt me acting cold and being non-commential

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Feeling- Bored

Why? I skipped music class because it sucks

Anything but this- So I skip this class on a regualar
basic go figure its just so damn boring. I
almost always want to fall asleep while he is talking
After losing my job I am going nexty wenseday to a job
fair thing so I can hopefully get a new job and that
would be a good thing. Right know I am typing on a computer i
AM not use to and I am probably driving those

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