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First Day

Fun Fun today. I am taking Spanish first thing in
the morning and let me tell you its depressing
cause I don't know anyone in that class. Danny meets
me after that class and me and him walk to are
Intro To Journalism which is a cramped little class
room where no one has any elbow space and it was
9 ish and I was grumpy by that point. Then I had English
with Erik who I didn't even know attented my college

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Topic of Music and other musings

I seem to remember a time when rock music was a lot
of fun when no one really truely hated it expect of
course the parents of teenagers who listened to it
I can't simple write a ballad those are left to the
popish bands that either came before or after my band
on any given night. On nights I see bands that are
trying to be carbon copies of groups like *Nsync and
Backstreet, groups that will never be copied because

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Busy Today?

Pulling five sometimes six performances a night
is hard stuff. Not to meations I go back to school
on the 19th and I have class and I will still be
pulling in performances plus working on class. Someone has to pay the bills
and my sisters not making quite enough to pay the
bills and I wouldn't make her thought she did
take 100 out of her check and brought food. You may think
with all the shows we do we would be getting paid greats amount of

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Self Discovery

So last night I had two shows after those shows
We went out to eat something I am going to
miss when I go back to school. But during dinner
I thought are we every to old for Self Discovery
Well this is what I think.
You are never to old for self discovery for the
reason that everyone around you is changing
and sometimes you have to change. Also things
you might not plan for happen and that changes

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Heck of a day and last night

Last night I got roped into a double date not only
that but a blind date. Danny's new boyfriend has
a friend who is female and lesbian. She agreed
to meet me once. Since it was Danny and I love him
like my brother (almost) I agreed to go myself.
Well me and Danny also know we can't go anywhere here
where we live so we decide why not go to Akron or
better yet why not go to Dayton. Since I we both live

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My Band Part 2

O.K. My band was put together without Erik when I was
13. I immeditally was the singer, Danny was the drummer
Leo a year younger knew how to play guitar and became
a bass player. A guy named two year older than me
became are eletric guitar player. Alex was are
keyboardist when we needed one.
The band was orginally called Pieces of Heaven.
That name would change a hundred times along with are

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Just a day

It's been raining cats and dogs here. Not literally, but about it
I have spent most of the day in the living room
with either the tv or the radio on reading a book
I can't understand how this book pose a question
are we all really cut out for a loving monogamous
relationship. I don't know that at this point in
my life I am. I don't know dating is fine but a strong
always dating relationship I am not really ready for

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The Night and this morning

O.K. so the sleep over went over with a few problems
I for one had a panic attack. Got the feeling I couldn't
breath, couldn't talk and wanted out. I went on the
fire escape and stood there. Danny got really worried about me and
come and sat out with me holding my hand just letting
me know he was there but at any time I wanted him
to go he would. When the feeling pasted I went back in
and went on being a host. We listened to music

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Never Ever Again

I am hanging out with my sister today Plus I got to
meet her girlfriend last night. Wow was that a trip
This girl is 5'7 with black hair blue streaks all thought
it she had intense green eyes and she is completely
different from my sister. My sister as far as I know
this is the first girl she has every dated and she is
really nearous about it. Since she is bi and her
girlfriend is lesbian. They make a cute couple

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Worst Date in My 19 years

Just been hanging around the house today. I went
out last night and I am not happy I did. First the date
was terrible. For the simple fact that she went somewhere
were everyone knew me I don't like to sit thought
dinner with people coming up and telling me how
much they like the cd or asking for me to sign
the cd cover for them. Its like hello I am eating
dinner with a date and can't you leave me alone

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Think I might

I was asked out on a date tonight. I said I would
call her back in an hour. I don't think I want
to leave my sister alone but I have been wanting
to date this girl since I moved back here and
I really wanna go. I am just worried my sister
may think I don't want to hang out with her any
more since I am leaving her already to go out on a
date. I hope she understands. Yet my sister has work tonight

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Only a little bit

So staying at home and waiting for class's
to start back is driving me crazy. Since
I recently like yesterday got a new TV
I have went to watching the Ellen Show.
Something to keep me from going crazy
plus lauhging helps me relax aa little bit
tonight we have the cd release party
thats just all kinds of fun. I have waited
for the cd to come out but having a party
where I have to hang out with people I

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Signaters have been used

So these are the quotes I have used at the end
of my posts.

How Could I be mislead to me ya'll are both dead...
No sense in being loud you found your own way in,
now you can find it out JC Chasez "Slept with my best friend"

I was stuck inside someone else's life and always
second best Ashlee Simpson Shadow

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No Room

No room to think to think to do anything. The music
in this house is killing me. My sister possible
has the worst taste in music every. She went to
school yesterday her first day but she came home
happy and got dressed to go to work. Thing is
when she is here like she will be tonight since
its her day off there is no room to move at all.
I cook dinner and she is in my way. I do something

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My Trip

I went to see my godson and his brother. One is four and
my godson is a few months old. He is like 9 or 10
months old but he is so tiny. He only weights 17 pounds
I was thinking about how I use to want to date his
mom back in hidh school and know how I only
felt friendship for her. Its werid to see how much my feelings
have changed in almost three years. Logan my godson
was not crying or anything he was just being

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