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Two for one Today

All I feel like writing right know is poety so I
am going to put two out today

I can put on a mask
I can play a part
I can change it all up
and be really smart
I can leave you all cold
and alone
I can be what you want me to
be but I'd rather not
I just want to be me, and
what you see it what you get no two ways

GONE (Orginal a song)
Come close I'll keep you warm
I'll hide you from this cruel

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Why I look at others I see girls wearing little
clothes and too much makeup
It seems like it should be switched around right
Then you look at the trend of today and you
see women who are role models being the same thing
no clothes but a ton of makeup
Why must you put so much on? I have that question
I can't look you in the eyes cause I know what I will
find. Empty souless eyes that came from a souless

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Um Hum

O.K. I am still bouncing around on here. I read some
post and relized that what I said in a few post back
is totally true. I have a issue that I hit on in a title but
didn't talk about in my journal entry at all.
I slept with my best friend would be the title but
I didn't talk about it I talked about the song but missed
the rest completely. I can't honestly believe that
I did it. I don't remeber a thing and I wasn't drunk.

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Kisses and Hugs or more

So I was talking to my best friend today and he was driving me
nuts with all this pressure about rather or not I was going to
write of a new local Newspaper. I want to be none
of my previous writing is published and they want it to be
Without the published work they won't except my application

On to a new subject the class today have so much time
in between them. It's like I am waiting for hours to have

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Slept With My Best Friend

O.K. I found this really cool song. It's by JC Chasez
it's called Slept With My Best Friend. It fits the
point in my life when I first came to Oasis. Since
then so many things great and bad have happened and
made me a completely different person and althought
sometimes I don't understand why it happened to me
I have the point of view that a lot of people have
"Why no me?" I am the only person in this world I

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Turning over a new leaf

Hum Yeah its werid I am a college student and yet I am
still unable to wrap my mind around somethings.
But on to the topic I wanted to address today
So it's getting near chistmas and the GSA on my campus
has a member who has three kids two boys and a little girl
She can't afford gift and all the group members where
going to go out and shop for them and I was suppose
to go but at the last mintue which really is a week in advance

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Is it time yet

I was standing around at school the other day. My friends
taking a smoking break outside and I was sitting besdie
J and he was talking about how so long as certain
people had there way that there would be no gay marriage
Then one of the girls in are groups popped off with
why not banned all marriage. I have thought about this
Its simple its not going to happen. The people around us who
are straight in some accounts most want to stay

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Yes already

So suddenly I find myself on the floor.....O.K. anyways I stayed out the whole
night I haven't slept a good nights sleep in what seems like forever between the play
school work, GSA and social life when do I have time for myself answer when hell
freezes over. So I don't know why I do all of this just it seems like I missed years with
these people then I think back and I relized almost 10 years of not seeing them makes me

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So I decide that since Kings Island is open all the time
we would go up there. We just got back. We left at
9:00 and know it is 2:00p.m. so we had a lot of fun
we can go be with are boyfriends or girlfriends and
avoid some of the werid stares. Thought some of us
are still not dating yet. I am ready to but I think
since so many of the people I know that are gay and
that are girls are my friends thats just no fun.

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Everyone Wants to know

Everyone wants to know why I am so angry. Why
I listen to rock music?
Why I go against what the bible says
Well first off I am angry because I don't believe
that god is going to hate me for who I love
I listen to rock music because I can and I go against
what everyone tells me the bible says not what it
does say

A update on the play I got the part as Sylvia Plath
What a surpise they loved that I can get up and

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Why I can't do this

So yesterday my school annoced that in Spring there
would be a play about Sylvia Plath. Know my best friend
things I just happen to look like her an could
pull the part off. I have my doubts fist wasn't she
straight second wasn't she depressed and third she killed
herself with her kids in the house. Granted I
Probably know more about her than most but I don't
think I could get up there an with out my band perform

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The Day to Top it all off

Sat. I have a preformance with my class and I am
leaving today to go to the stupid thing. Its in Tennessee and I
don't know why we are going. My teacher has not
only roomed me with a girl but a girl who is very very closed mind
an she has showed this so many times she makes me sick
when I relized I was roomed with her I went to the
teacher only he has no one else to room me with.
Yet we have one guy and another girl who don't have roomates

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My Parents

I have moved away from my parents but my mom has
my cell number an calls like 20 times a day and won't
leave me alone. When I put my voicemail on because
I am in class then she gets mad like today an
wants to know why I won't talk. Maybe because there
is nothing to say. I am here I am alive I am eating
I am making friend and I have my old friends back
what else does she want to harass me about? Except maybe

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Phone Me

The scene a bar full of people
The people me and three very close friend and a stranger and a girl in my
fourth block class
The idea that I might do something stupid

We are in this bar in the back just hanging out
We are there to see this local band. Just hanging out an
being near each other something I don't get to do
enough of since I am in college know. When suddenly out
of no where a girl from one of my class come up to me

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Knowing that meeting new people I have to come out
I shy away from it but its also something I have a say in
who gets to know so that much helps but sometimes it is still hard
anyways I just got the computer back it had to
go be looked at it got sick in so many words and
had to go have the whole computer wiped so know I
am trying to make sure everything is still in

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