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I have just relized that people in college thought
many are older they are still rude. They don't take
to people who are different as well as I had hoped
They are sometimes closes minded and what everyone
else to accept that closemindedness. Its scarey.
When I think about how society forces people who are
different to keep those's differance's hidden and
do what is "right" but what if it isn't right

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My Friend

My friend is straight an the other night we decide
I should come over to this sleep over they where
having only I have this thing about sleeping in
a house that isn't my own and that scares me. But
just as I was getting ready to go she calls all upset
says her mom won't let me came because she knows
I am gay an she doesn't want me to sleep the night
in the same room with her daughter
First I would never hit on someone who is straight

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This is a little poem a little bit about me an
somewhat about a person I see everyday of my life
and how she plays the cards she is given

When did I became the cold hearted uncaring bitch
Who crys to get what she wants but no real tears
and when did I get happy to see you fall apart and
go down on your knees when did that became me.

When could I see you cry and not give a fuck When
could I watch you walk away an my heart turn to ice

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Still None

When I look at all life has dealt me I wonder if there
was a way that I could have handled it better
Maybe a way so that I had no pain. I never
meant to hurt you but in turn the knife cut me
two times more than it did you and you know it

My body lies my heart lies and I lie to myself
Saying I don't want you that I don't love you
then you smile and it all falls away but everything
about me lies to everyone I'll never trust you

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Untitled at the moment that could change

I stand here an I beat myself to death to get
close to you. Still you shut the door lock the
windows and hold your covers tight
Do you even know why I cry do you even know me

There where times when we could stand side by side
then slowly you started to turn away from me
am I the problem or is it you. Cause I get the
feeling your going with the group on this
I have the feeling your pulling away. I get the

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The Second Time

So school is a place where people know and where
people still want to be arounf me. This is a
thing that I like. I have four class Monday and
Wen. Then Th I have only one class and the Friday I have only 3
This is something I am happy about because I get to see people
who don't care one way or the other. We are all there
for one reason to get a higher learning.
Today in my 3rd block we played the name game its where 7 people sit in

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First Day

Today was my first day of class and since I don't
have a lot of time to write this I am in a hurry
I think maybe half my class in each one of my classes
know I am gay and that really doesn't bug me as much as
it use to. Well I need to go I have to meet up with
friend I just want to put in a little something.

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Comp Out

So I was talking to a friend of my last night on
the phone an she asked if I was gay or just bi.
I thought about it for a minute an how easy it could
be to comp out and just be I don't like labels
this from a person who has everything labeled
simply for the access of finding how easy it would
be to just say bi and not have to worry about the
issue but then I would have worried myself to
death about not being ture to myself. So when I was thinking

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Sometimes you just know

The on going sage. My life wouldn't work as a movie
and people probably find me boring but its when I
have something to say that I talk
In really life if I have nothing to say I don't
I will not be seen as a fool for saying something
that makes no sense but on this topic I really am
starting to think this girl who has this thing about
pushing me out of my sisters life and trying to
take my place wants to be me.

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I could

I am in tears at this very moment. To know that I was
just told to stay the fuck out of my sisters life
by a friend of hers. I may be states and states
away but I know where the nearest airport is should
I need to book a plane back to kick ass. I can't believe she said
that my sister has said she sees her as more of the
big sis than me. I hate this girl who is trying
to get into my spot. I may have moved away but

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Role Playing

Yeah So I went to this Role Playing session with E
most of the people are gay and they are just all
there its really neat to meet people that know just
a little bit about what I have went thought in my
18 year of life. Maybe its the feeling that I am
not alone thought I've pretty much felt that way
my whole life and know I know I am not alone.
With 13 siblings and me the middle sometimes you

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The Issue

Sometimes I wonder I just don't have anything to do
I am one of those people as a child I scared other childern
because I could sit an just think for hours and
need no amusement or even friends and as I grow older
I see maybe I was not a very smart child. Yes I was
bright I knew I had a future and I knew even at
that age what I wanted from the world even
thought it was telling me "Grow up get a rich husband

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The pain

I had to tell a friend of mine from Arizona that back at the start of
this month a class mate of ares died I think thats
one of the hardest things I have every had to do.
She's been out of state since June and didn't know
I didn't want to tell her but I had to and its hard
Hardest thing I have every had to do I think she knew something bad
had happened when I started crying. Telling them
long distance is worse cause you can't be there

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I stand on the edge waving my arms
I need your help before I fall
the pain cuts deep like a knife
The role I have to play
I can't fight It does no good

Why does society force us to conform
And If we don't we are rejected and looked down on
I see it happen every day and will stand an fight

I don't even know whats real and whats a dream as
I lose my breath you see it happen and you
let it cause why stand up for something that

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I just relized that what my parents want me to do and be is
not who I want to be or what I want to do.
My parents want me to be straight married by the time I am 20 and
be a criminal investgater. Me on the other hand I just wanna be me
I am lesbian I don't wanna be married by the time I am 20 or by 30 on
that note and I would much rather sing or be a dancer or writer.
My parents never really let me an D my twin have are own lifes

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