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Well last night at about 6p.m. I got a call. It
was one of these blessed nights off from just about
everything but whats fun. Anyways its a lot of my
friends they wanted to know if I wanted to go out
clubbing. I was like sure why not? I meet them at
A new club that was just built at about 8:30p.m. and we stayed there
for a few hours and then club hopped the rest of the night
we had a lot of fun It seems like everything that

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I am losing

I think I might be losing my grip on everything
I have a ass load of homework That I haven't had time to
do I have the day off work I worked last night and
my ex is insisting on making my life a living hell
I changed my cell phone number last night and since the
apartment doesn't have a phone that can't be changed
But since she broke up with me I keep getting 12, 1, 2, 3, 4 oclock phone
calls so I changed my number and guess what it worked

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Just want to let you know

Hum. That is really not true. But never the less
I have been in a stage lately where nothing sounds
right or good and I have writers block. I am keeping
whatever I write no matter how bad it sounds. I
am not really writing a lot. I am just doing a lot
of stuff and I meet the guy I am to mentor. He seems
really cool. I actually took him shopping. I have
never seen a straight guy who likes to shop. I hate shopping

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Um Wow

So I signed up to be a mentor. I get to help people who
have it bad. The group I signed up with is almost
like Big brother big sister group they are branch
off of it. They where very happy to show how me to
sign up and me being questioning on my sexuality made
no differance to the women helping me. She said
some of the guys who worked with the youth where
gay and some of the girls where lesbian and they had

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Long Time

One of those weeks it seems. My computer has been
in the shop till today. Today I got it back and so
much has happened that I feel the needed to
write it all down. Well last night one of are girls
who was working cash passed out and I had to step around her
and run her cash res. Till someone else got one.
I got chewed a new asshole for it. Handleing someones
money that wasn't mine. I was like what do you want

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He asked

I have been so busy these last few days that
when I got an email from a friend of mine back
home asking for my b-day I haven't even opened it
much less sent him anything back. I feel bad about that
because I have managed to push people away from me
and I don't care. I have the people I want close and
those that I don't aren't. I guess in a way it
makes me sad because me and a lot of the people

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I guess I didn't know I was going to be so slammed
last night at work that I was going to have a near
panic attack. Everything seemed surreal. It was that
overwhealming need to get out and just run away
as far as possible and not stop till I didn't know
where I was. It was just that feeling that the
room was getting smaller and smaller and was going
to get so small it would crush me. I was having trouble

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Back To School

I didn't know it was going to cost my first born
child to go back to school. It is almost 400 for books
and a 1918 to pay for class money that I am just
suppose to go shake my money tree for. Well My money
tree is dead.
I relieased that everything going on is what
everyone faces at one time or another the issue
of coming out, money, are shakey love lives, friends, family
or the people we think of as are family, and the beliefs

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Hum I seem to be one and I was totally unaware. Which
I am now being called a "dyke" Last night one of the
guys from display came up behind me and hugged me and
was going to kiss me and I leaned back and said back off
my g/f will kick you ass. He looked at me for a mintue
to decide if I was joking or not and then the look
on his face was priceless. He asked what about V?
I said I am bi and then of course everyone wants to

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This is Real life

I was surpised that this whole week I have no
days off. Since K quit I am getting screwed on hours
and I told my boss when I go back to school this
is going to quit. I could easyly move on with the
degree I have but I honestly need to get this one
Something I find interesting. Not that my first
degree isn't something I'm not interested in I enjoy
helping people but I wouldn't want to do it all

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As times

I make new friends as the days go on and I am going
to hate leaving them when and if I get this new
job. I would like to just do the group thing but it
takes to much out of me. Meaning it is emotionally
for me to do it all the time. I feel like if
I did it all the time I would be giving a piece of
me away Yet I love the fans and they are the greatest
thing to happen because without them I wouldn't

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Bring it

I stood around talking to some people at work about
my band Well I also have a new girlfriend. She came to work
that night and as I was walking away from her table
she grabbed my wrist and asked if she could kiss me
before she left. I said come find me when you get ready to leave
I told forgot she was still there and she comes up to me and
wraps her arms around my waist. I turn and hug her but tell her

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Reality TV Shows

Reality TV Shows when is enough enough?
By Sylvia
This is in my school newspaper

Eight people picked to live in a house while there
lives are constantly taped. People picked to live
on and island again their lives taped. Reality TV
and these are just two shows. There is a breed of
shows that people apparently like more than anything else.
The show has no script, no actors or actress, no meaning.

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Maybe one day

I seem like I am floating around these last couple
of days doing nothing. A lot of what I said I was
doing has crossed paths. I was suppose to have a big
show last night and I missed it for a chance to
get to know someone better. What was I thinking. I
should have went I instead stayed and got to know someone
and I learned a lot that I didn't know K quit last
night since they won't let V come back she said she

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Me and

Well I allowed myself to be saved this week. In a church
and everything since me turning back on what I have
been throught these last couple of weeks I need
something to believe in. I guess going back to my
religion was one thing that has came across in
everything I do. I decide to go get resaved. A friend
of mine from work came with me to be a witness and
he was my best choice. I have also said that if

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