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No Sleep

At 7:00 p.m. as I was getting ready to go to bed because
I was sleepy I get a call on my cell phone from
someone I wasn't expecting to call me. My godson's
mother my best friend Jess calls me and ask me
if I could come see her because she really needs
someone to talk to. So I was like sure I can come
over till 9 but then I have to go to sleep. I have a
dr appointment today so I get there to find the cops

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Enough already

So I feel like A huge weight is sitting on my heart
There is only one person who can remove it and I
won't let them. I am just locking myself in my
own world and fighting everyone who trys to follow
me I got in a fight last night and have a black eye
this morning to prove it but nothing is broken.
I had a restless night and I want to know why I
am suddenly getting like this.
I fight whoever gets in my way

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Everything changes

Its been a emotional day I have been fighting my
way thought my thoughs which are written on paper
and I am just pouring my heart out on paper. I
am honestly confused with myself and how I feel
about anyone else I have one that says "Why not love
yourself don't you know someone will." I can't remember
when I wrote it or why but its actually petty much
straight on. I don't understand a lot of my rambleings

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Everything that has happened

O.k. so I haven't been on in a while. That is because
I took a long trip home to say the least. I went
on tour with my band to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona,
Neveda and Kanasa. Arizona as everyone knows is home
for me. I have decide so many things and have decide
what I want to do but not who I love that is just
up in the air right know. Anyways so the 16th we
took a flight to Texas, Danny had drove the truck down

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New Poems

You tell me I can flirt then you tell me not to
Make up your mind It's hard switching gears I can't
go as fast as you want me to I'm not use to being
pushed away but do what you want
When its time to go I'll stand off to the side
and I meet her tonight. She's the reason you won't
let me flirt and she's my friend I respect her enought
to step aside
I won't interfer because that's just wrong

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Parts one and Two

Who are You Part 1

You got my life all figured out
Who are you taking my place
Where are you from and are you really happy
You've taken my life my friends and my family
lets see how well you handle the pressure, pain and
fame that comes with it
Who are you who is this girl I see her smile and
act so happy but is she really? Who is she and why is
she replacing me? I miss my life and I'm waiting

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Alone and Little One


I don't understand why I was left in the world
by myself why you left me what did I do? Did I make
you mad, because I tried to be prefect
I can't be prefect cause it wouldn't be real
I have flaws and scars that show I don't need you
for years I've grown up on my own.
No one raised me I raised myself I fought
to get everything I've got Don't think
I'll just give everything up for you

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No Pity very low

No real point in the title just couldn't think
of anything better to name it. So I am laying in
bed yesterday morning decide rather or not to go
back to sleep or get up. Since right know I am sleeping in the living room
till I can get my bed put back together when
the knock came at the door I had no choice but to
get up and get it. This girl I work with is standing on
my doorstep. I wondered how she knew where I lived

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Off or on depending

I stood for an hour in the rain last night talking to
a friend of mine from work. The same friend has
said he is single and looking and I am remaining
calm even thought he has hinted that he likes
me and I am not going to give in. Its not that this
guy is hideously ugly or anything cause he's not
he is a good friend and I guess i could probably
like him if I wasn't so damn confused at the moment

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I am

Sitting on the the floor last night fiddling with
the guitar because I am getting ready for a show. I
atucally played guitar last night. Plus I sang but
back to my entry here I was fiddling with it when
suddenly my cell phone goes nuts. I am late but I
know the number so I pick it up and answer how I usually do.
and its one of the people I work with and he wants
to know if I want to do something. I explain that

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I was sitting at work during my break and I was sitting
with some friends of mine and we where eating when
a college friend of mine walks up to us. He ask
if it is o.k. to sit down. I was like sure. I moved over one of the
guys who works with me to sit on the other side of
the booth. Well this guy pulled me to sit in his
lap I am not really comfortable with my liking just
whoever seems to be attrative to me and I am not

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Leaving soon

Well the small notebook computer will be going with me
I am not going to have much of a chance to use it.
Danny is leaving for Texas tomorrow and on the 16th
the rest of us will fly out to meet him. When we get
back I am going to Tennessee with Danny. I already
decide to finish out college there. I am taking
the tour as a this is are last tour and a lot of
us got a little sad it seems like everything is ending

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My Self

This was one of the pieces I wrote for my school
paper before going off for the summer and I just got
a copy of the paper and its on the one thing everyone
is talking about Labels

Labels it happens to me what about you
By Sylvia

Goth;Brat:Pain:Jock:All-American:Blond:Green eyes:
Some of those listed above make you think negitive and
some might have made you angry. Yet that was the

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Poems not yet named

Poem 1

Baby this world is cruel
And I know you understand
more than me but
I'm not a little girl
I have my wings earned them

This is my reflection
this is the girl in the mirror
the lies in my eyes
the promises in my smile I won't keep
the hatered that lies underneath
this calm surface pool

I've watched so much of the pain
and for years I've cut so
deep its never brought blood

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UM Maybe Today

The poll today happens to be what I have been seeing all
week. Pick A label. All week I have been told to pick
what I want from life a guy or a girl, a career
or friends, a life or no life at all. Its just making
a descision right know in my state of mind isn't the
best thing and I don't need labels why must everything
in life be labeled? Why must we label ourselfs to
get attention from society?I don't know why but I refuse

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