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The Call

I forgot the other day that they had printed a new
schdule and there fore I didn't go in for work till four
Then I had both my new managers call me. The store
is going thought a shift in power. There for no one
nows who to trust. I know some of the newbies are
worried about are jobs. We are really keeping everything
under wraps. If you are different you are losing
your job and they don't care right know if you sue

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Just the stress on my body and the pain of trying
to figure everything out is driving me insane. I don't
know if I am really getting to the point of losing
everything I have manager to gain up to this point.
My stable and even life has again taken a left turn
down a bumpy and rought road. I don't know if I can
deal with this. For the point that I can't keep
doing this the rest of my life. If i need to stay

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On top

I am listening to this song by Linkin Park called
"Hit The Floor." and I can relate to the song and
I think I understand parts of this CD that when I
got it maybe I didn't. Just looking at the last couple
of days so much has happened and yet I just don't
know where ti start. I guess I could start at
Saterday and work from there. Saterday I managed to make
everyone in my personal life pissed at me and

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Who Knew

I miss being home so much but when I am doing my
job and waiting on tables and I get myself chewed out
thats when I get pissed and I have a bad temper anyways
I apologized because I sat people in smoking who
wanted to be in Non-smoking.I don't know what I am
suppose to do. I just felt so bad
I got home and wanted to sleep and my sister wanted to
talk. So I had to listen to her ramble on. Not being

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A Break up

Yesterday was my sister b-day we celebrate today
we went bowling and had lots of fun. The gift was
a gift card from me. Her girlfriend got her a gift card to
then has taken her to dinner. It is nice to have the house
to my self. I really haven't had any time to myself
and to have today by myself is good.
I wish I had another day just to sleep but I have
to work tomorrow and I really don't want to but I guess I

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To see everything lately that has been going on lately has made me relize that
people I truely thought I knew I didn't know and people who I didn't know I
honestly do. I don't know really whats going on and I want to hopeful get this
day over with so I can have my spring break from school the 7th to th 12th
I just wish I could get away. Music is something I want. I get to go out of
state and go to washington and Califorina. I don't know what to do and I get to go out there

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So much Angry

I am so mad today and there is no real reason just
lots of things piled on top of each other and
this is the explosion they create. First it was snowing
not that it amount to much but it put my sister out of
school. Know she is here complaining because I have
to go to work. She wants me to stay home and not go out.
So I have my sister angry my car is pretty much been
taken away, I am getting this feeling that no

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How Long Till Saterday

Today has been a bad day and this is going to be
a short post because I have class in a few moment.
I have had two test one in Spanish and on in Philsopy.
Then I have been asked to write a paper Against
gay right. Which I can't do. A)I am gay b)I don't
believe and C) I don't know the against side very
well. I told my teacher that I couldn't possible
write a paper against gay rights when I am all for them

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New Poem

Everytime I see you a part of my heart dies
because your mind is so closed and yet I've worked
so hard to keep you open minded and
yet you are haunting me you have learned my
weakness and know you prey on me
You don't believe in much you close
your windows and lock your doors and you turn
your back on me and you say its cause I am who
I am and if for that I have to be hated I will

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No fun I have my first day in which there is nothing
to be done. Ryan's gave me the day off and we are just
having a jam session. Something we haven't done as
a band since we moved up here. Josh is (said before)
our new memeber and we where getting to know him
We still are but we are just hanging in the kitchen
singing (those of us who can only two of us plus my sister)
and just messing around. My band, my sister (school day off for some reason)

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I don't know why I am like this. My sisters b-day
is coming up and I have no clue what to get a 16
about to be 17 year old. I mean what can I get her?
Make up, clothes, or music...so much to choice from
I don't know what I want to get her. I know what
ever I get her she isn't going to like it. My sister
has this need for more than what you get her. Which
is why her girl is getting her a gift card, THAT

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Quiet Place

Have a feeling this day is going to be very boring
already two of my class's have cancled and so I
am waiting until I get time for next class which is
at 12:20 almost three hours away. It's been a boring
and stressful day so far. I am failing spanish and
yet I am learning stuff how is that possible. I know
I am not stupid and yet I feel like I am. Everyone
around me is learning and I am not. Its liking being

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Just A Kid

I have been working almost all week. If not at Ryan's
then my band. I think I miss being free to do what
I wanted and not being tied to anything. I want to
go back to my innocents and then I don't because I
relize that I didn't understand how much and how hard
some people have to work long hours and forever and
might not get a break. My knees are killing me thought
I don't know and I feel really worked to the bone.

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Lost In Space

I keep thinking of things to tell this guy that I
don't like him not that way I mean he is a friend
and I won't every like him like a boyfriend. Simple
because I don't like guys and that makes it hard for
me to play it straight. I mean I can't when I am
the one who will cause the heart ache and the pain and
I don't want to be resonspible for all that coming
down on my head I mean if it was him then it would be

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Too Cool

Moving in day is set for next week. Its amazing. I am
going to have a house where there is room. It is so cool
I have worked my ass off and put all my checks and
money into the down payment for a apartment two bedrooms
one bath and its a big bathroom and nice sized bedrooms
a nice sized everything its the prefect place.

On another note I have this guy who I think likes me
I don't want to hurt his feelings because I like

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