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Help me...

(with a title... ha)

I’ll mention briefly
The things you promised me
But felt too cowardly
To admit to her
You said eventually
I'd get down your pants
You agreed to a Saturday night
And a first kiss
Damn it, I had a plan.
I had dreams & thoughts
& poetry
but you tossed those out
right along with me
we weren’t even dating
but ill be honest,
I’d been hoping
That charm & rhymes

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the break

"the break"

What i said
i meant only
1/2 in jest
slightly more complex
thank just undressed
see, the appeal
has been revealed
as being mutual
but not to a degree
of being fooled
go anywhere
drunk from lack of a
safety net
and lack of relationship
laced with exhaustion
of me
dont be embarassed
it happens to the best
of us
i wont hold

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lessons from hansel and gretel

"Lessons from Hansel & Gretel"

After the phone call from hell
i hope to induce bliss
exuding compassion & sympathy
through my fingertips
through cables
& ending with the smile
on yur lips
when i said it,
i meant it.
i'm here for you
i dropped bread crumbs
laced with lament
from her path
to my doorstep
& i'm waiting for you
with trays of hot tea & charm
instruct you to let down

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dead ends

"Dead Ends"
i wonder if this's unspoken
or imagined
valid or exaggerated
accidental or forced
it might be nothing
but i always read too deep
find hidden meaning
in various parts of your speech
but i'm not even sure
of what i'm looking for
what i'm hoping for
so i try to ignore
because i know you've got
in previous engagements
i'm not looking to
rearrange it
i'm not looking to encroach

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no title...

Reflections on telephone lines

Intimidating thoughts in my mind

Daring time

To repeat itself

Did you forget


Telephone lines

Don't lie.

I wish I woulda known

How you felt at the time

I woulda scribbled conversations

Onto notebook paper

From nights that were paramount

Folded them like

Verbal origami

To keep in my pocket

For evidence

In rememberance

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Soul Patrol

I let my
soul go
to patrol
the shadows
in my brain
i know not of
the crevices
and caves that
produce.. love.
cuz theyve got
a message
and i wanna project
this message
but im gonna wreck
this message
i jest wanna protect
this message
and rejection
i know is inevitable
but id rather not
let it show
when im
which is why i
avoid and deny
id rather not

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Is Frances really your middle name or did you lie about that, too?

Truthfully speaking
i've made a habit of
betraying you
because each night
i find my self
slaying you
ripping you
piece to piece
on notebook sheets
it hasnt been
easy for me
as you can plainly see
crimson oozes out the pen
inadvertently staining my hand
soaking the page
as i try to encase
the rage
the near hate
i feel for you
but i feel ive got

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'michigan (scientific fact)'

i must be bipolar
like my mother
cuz 1/2 of me is
totally content
with sitting and
waiting for you
to come back
but the other 50%
has some self
respect left
atleast enough to
the fact that
yur everlastingly
and i should be
moving on
carrying on
drifting along
singing a new song
i know it was i that
went through the door
but i anticipated yur
presence when i returned

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yes, well... it happens to the best of us

yes, so... im definately in love.
its wonderful.
Shes wonderful.
far away.
shes worth it tho.
it used to be i didnt believe
in saying:
"I love you".
i thought that... with
each time you say it,
the value of those three
words decreased.
not with her tho.
with sarah,
i want to say it over and over.
i want to shout it.
i tell all my friends.
i tell her.

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uh... yeah, i never have titles

I pulled you closer in my dream
& the sparks & magic
it so seemed
ignited a fire
you sould see
in my eyes
and yurs
the fire ignited a curiousity
to explore
explore me
exploring you
kiss yur forehead &
behind yur ear, too
looking into yur eyes
because theres nothing
better to do
nothing even compares
to being with you
or so it appears
in my slumber
you felt so near,
i swear you were here

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mm, none

Im longing to
pull you closer
cant kiss yur tears
away from three states over
i want you to feel the
security of my touch
calm you down in a rush
try to make you blush
no need to make
sucha fuss
ill whisper my deep down
feelings into yur ear
let love replace
yur fears
let me wipe away
yur tears
fall asleep
in my arms
Sweetheart, ill
keep you from harm

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this is actually a rap...

In a sea of people i feel so lost because my friends are covered in Hollister and lipgloss/A silent river cascading down my cheek but noone looks up, my screams are too meek/I'm lost on the highway of life and too stubborn to stop and ask for the directions i often search for/it feels like im stopped and standing still but everyone else continues to move and i cant ge

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None... as so many poems before this one

this is fur stephanie, again:

Wait, could you rewind it?
I didnt see that last bit.
I was too busy memorizing
every line of yur face,
synchronizing my breathing
to yours
because i think itll
somehow make us closer.
it takes every ounce of
will power i can muster
to keep from touching
your face.
i give in.
i reach my hand over
& wait for yur nerves
to let yur brain know
my fingertips are on your

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None, as always

The light's fading in & out
I'm fighting to stay awake now.
My stomach, brain & heart have
Taken a momentary leave of absence.
Sign said, "Gone Fishing. Back Soon."
There's plenty more fish in the sea.
Please dont say my name again,
The light may stay off this time.
It might be worth it...
When my organs returned
I gave them a stern
'Talking to'.
Dont run out on me like
That again
I said.

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I was just wondering how many of ya'll are myspace users... if not go to and check it out... its purdy gnar.

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