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Bunch of Stuff

Yah, I have a lot of stuff to talk about. Not really sure where to start... well, it's holidays here now. I've been at my new school for just over two weeks, and I'm really happy there! I'm sad at having to leave a couple friends behind, but I have more friends now, and I'm going to keep in touch. (Note to self, email them tonight.) So that's good. I got my report back the other day: 2 A+'s, 9 A's, 4 B+'s and 2 B's. 17 grades in total, and some ungraded stuff(just satisfactory/completed or not). It's pretty good, but I could have done better.

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New School!

So, long time no post. It's been ages. I can now type reasonably fast with the Dvorak keyboard layout, somewhere around 40WPM, and I've got a bunchload of news. My life actually has stuff happening? Wow!

1) Exams
Had exams last week and this week, eight in total. Five year 11 subjects: English, Maths Methods, History, Multimedia and Physics. One year 12 subject that I'm taking to see what it's like, and that's Biology. One subject that I was forced to take, Religion, along with the rest of the year level. And finally, a state complusory one called the GAT(General Achievement Test) that everyone taking a year 12 subject has to do- that one was three hours long while all the others were 90 minutes. I've got a few results back- an A in Physics, an A in Religion and a B+ in English(which was a combination of an A for an essay and a B+ for a creative piece of writing). I think I went pretty well in the others too, so I'm happy enough about those.

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This sites auto-logout system sucks sometimes. You write a lonng journal which takes along time, and when you click Preview it logs you out because you spent too long writnig it out, or thinking of what to say. Too long!

I hate timed logouts.


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So... I guess I'm... out?

Which is really weird. I wasn't intending to come out.

We were talking about the possibility of me moving schools - me and my parents were talknig, that is - and dad said he wanted to ask me some questions that 'might make me uncomfortable, but won't kill me', The wery first question he asked was basically whether I was a lesbian. I'm not, I don't think I'm purely homosexual, but I said yes anyway. It was close enough. I was scared though.

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Such a strange, short word. Mist. But I think it means something. Whenever I think of something happy, whenever I remember something that makes me smile, somehow I always associate those thoughts and memories with mist, And I don't mean the real, physical, actual mist either. I'm talking about the mist of the mind.

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I tried to learn to type with a Dvorak keyboard a while ago, but stopped for exams and stuff. However, now I'm trying again, and this time I'm not going to give up!

Not much else to say. I rewrote a short story, but otherwise not much has been happening. I'm basically over the pneumonia though.


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Still sick

Well, I feel just great. I'm still home sick with pneumonia, taking three prescription medications and normal ibuprofen painkillers for headaches and to keep my temperature down. If I'm no better tomorrow I'm most likely going to have to go into hospital, and I don't want to. I've sat around doing nothing much for a week and a half now, and I'm bored and tired of it all.

Nothing much more to say. I'm tired, and going to bed, but I probably won't sleep for sevreal hours. Again. Like for the last week and a half.

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I never thought I'd type anything like that in reference to myself, but I'm just recovering from Bronchial Pneumonia.. I think that's how it's spelt. Bed-ridden, or chair-ridden, rather, for the last week now, I've been coughing and vomiting like hell. Had to scream while taking four needles, two of them penicillin, which are now bruising over and causing me great torment, and missed out on a week of Work Experience instead of a week of school.

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Being sick sucks. I had to stay home from Work Experience today(I wasn't that interested in going, but at least I would have had something to do) because I've got this god-awful cough that won't fucken go away! It kept my mum up last night, even though I slept through it. Weird. But anyway, she knocked on my door after I switched my alarm to snooze and told me to go back to sleep because I wasn't working today.

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Both Asleep on My Bed

The straight girl and the queer girl. My oldest friend, and myself. It wasn't anything like it sounds, which I think is why I like it so much.

Kiki, my oldest friend, has been spending the long weekend over at my place: three days, four nights. Both today and yesterday we went out, and came home exhausted. Both today and yesterday we collapsed on my bed with music playing and drifted into a doze.

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Have I already written an entry by that name? Eh, I dunno. Oh well. If I have, I have. It's the perfect title for this entry, so I'm using it.

Why is it the perfect title? Because my oldest friend is sleeping in the next room right now. We worked out that we're coming up to the '10th Anniversary' of our friendship, which was really crazy. And I mean, seriously spaz. And because I'm in a memory mood, I'm gonna wander through it.

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Regret and Dreams

You cease to live fully when regret takes the place of your dreams.

There's two topics in the forums that have just recently been created: one titled 'Regret' and one titled 'Dreams'. The first is about what you -didn't- do that you regret, and the second is about the weird nighttime dreams that people have. But even though they don't really fit the quote, it's what came to mind when I first saw both of them together.

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Sunday night homework rush...

I hate Sunday nights sometimes. When I have nothing to do I love them, but these days I nearly always have lots of homeowkr to finish off. My Saturdays are taken up with my ceramics class, doing my chores around the house, and any other stuff that I want to do (eg, writing). Sundays I reserve for homework. And it sucks. I hate homework, it bores me to tears.

Y'know, we should have a three day weekend. Since weeks and weekends aren't natural pattersn but human-invented ones, can't we just change them to 5 weekdays 3 weekend days? Or even 6 weekdays and 3 weekend days. Just so we can have one day where we don't have school/work either the day before or the day after. It really sucks. We have no day to truely relax.

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Thou shalt have conflict on every page!

But by god, that can be hard sometimes.

That line comes from a tutorial on conflict from Holly Lisle's Forward Motion. It's a writing site, she's a brilliant author, and I've used her articles and tutorials and everthing else many times over. Read the tutorial/article if you're a writer- it's extremely helpful.

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Well, I love self-advertising. I think it's part of most writers, they love people to read their stories and enojy them, get something out of them. We write for ourselves, and I think that's a mostly universal truth, but for me,at least, I get warm fuzzies inside when I can give people a story they like.
Part of one of the best things in writing is getting the inspirations. Actually, after writing 'The End', it's probably the best thing for me. And even those two are difficult to decide between sometimes. But often, inspiration doesn't come, so we go after it with a crowbar, shotgun, blackmail and anything else we can muster. Finishing a piece drawn not from beautiful sweet inspiration, but from teasing the story out from the muck it hides beneath, well, that's probably the greatest feeling. Especially (of course!) when you really really like that piece now. Creating a work of art where there was nothing before, it's amazing. Artists and sculpters and actors, I think they all understand that as well. Something arises where before there wasn't anything. It's a feeling of new life, which makes perfect sense, if you stop to think about it.

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