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Well, I realize I started this and didn't keep it up. I am sorry about that. I mostly spend all my time on LiveJournal. Well, I will try and add some entries here also. I really like this website and haven't visited it enough.

Later days.

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There once was a person whom I had trusted
I shared a secret I thought he would have kept vaulted
The next day as I walked down the halls of school
I recieved insults and stares from the people of rule.

I asked my friend, "Why did you tell?"
We stood atop the empty stairwell.
He spoke with a cruel smile on his lips
"Because I formed important friendships."

From that day on my life did changed

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When I Was Young

When I was young I knew I was different
Feelings of lost were rather frequent
In school I would sit, wonder and stare
But I knew it was nothing that I could repair

WHen I was young I knew I was different
I would read and write, my mind would run rampant
My friends would ask, "Why are you reading?"
And I would reply, "It's a fad I am leading."

When I was young I knew I was different
Their ideas about life were arachic and anicent

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Some for Creative Writing. Is it brilliant or just recycled claptrap?



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A cynic's notebook.

Well, this is my first online journal entry. I have always kept a personal journal. But, I never thought about keeping an online one. I would always tell myself no one would want to read about my life or lack thereof. Now I figure, what the hell?

I never know what to say, or in this case write. When I start talking about something I feel strongly about I can't shut up. When I am talking about myself I am meek. Another one of my quirks. I have many. I am sure everyone will enjoy reading about me and my many foibles.

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Forever Yours

For you, my dear, my love grows deep
For you, my dear, my heart's to keep
With a look from your eyes, my heart skips a beat
You haunt my dreams when I lay down to sleep.

When I look upon your face,
My heart beats with great bass

You walk with style, you speak with grace
With every growing second, I long for embrace

I can only look at you from afar
My shining star
Except my love without delay

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