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girls suck.

so... she's not willing to meet me. and won't talk on the phone. or on IM. or through e-mail.

her friends say she has a boyfriend.

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things are getting better!

and i'm not even kidding! i might get to see alex tonight... she got her driver's license. yaaaay. love my girl.

the english teacher moved my seat. i now sit in the back of the room with two of my really close girl friends. he said that if he ever heard anything out of those two again, there would be "serious repercussions."

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.desperately in need of some advice

she's drop-dead-gorgeous. short red bob haircut, dark brown eyes, delicate lips, a cute little nose, and... god, she's beautiful. she's funny, and interesting, and has good taste in music. and she's bisexual, and interested in me.

she's everything i've ever dreamed about.


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"hey, you fuckin' dyke, shut up!"

so i have the WORST seat in freshman English class. i adore the class, i adore the teacher (he has a "straight but not narrow" sticker on his wall, extra bonus points for him), but the people i sit next to cancel all of that out.

"hey faggot, are you gay?"
"no, faggot, are YOU?"
"nope, just checkin'."

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