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love is a many splendored thing

I love my great aunt. shes wonderful and hillarius and showers me in compliments but I always leave a visit with her all depressed. shes all "invite me to your weding" and such and I always feel awful because whot if there isnt a weding? and she super chritian too. like the good way. but you know? it really depresses me.

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holy god my life has goten complicated. I'm moving in less than two weeks to any even smaller town. brilliance. were swimming in gym now I'm a hydrophobe and mrs. Hag wont believe me. a friend of a friend is anorexic and suicidal and I think I know who. theres another bi girl in my school but shes scary (loud...) we started filming and my group is soooooooooooo partner for the next week in tech is a female dog ( cause I refuse to give him the intrest of a swear word) he refuses to do any work and killed our acrivity multiple times.

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of gods and meat

it occured to me today that alot of what be think of as a given is really wierd. like god. does anyone think theres really and old guy sitting on a cloud punishing the bad and rewarding the good? or homophobai. why of all people homosexuals why not meat eaters, or back sleepers? com4e to think of it, almost everything is like that.

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republicans and boyscouts.

has anyone else heard of the boyscout amendment?

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green notebooks

I JUST found this I wrote it a year ago or about. Its one of my scripted dialogs.

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I lost!!!!!! YAY!

I'm so happy. I RAN for student council and lost!!!

why is this good? because I hated everyone who was running, so instead of complaining, I ran. it was just for my advisory and I came in second of three people. Jinae, (the bus girl) Molly and me. my speach was the best. and oreo still loves me (oreo is the bunny who lives in our advisory room.) it was fun.

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why I hate ninth graders.

my locker=evil. which is why I was late enough for the bus that there were no empty seats and only 2 seats that werent full. so I had a choice between a scary ninth grade girl or a scary ninth grade boy. someone (Jinae) shoved me in with the girl. so picture me: a silent, blond haired, short, incesnce burning, eighth grade out cast. now her: 5.5 feet, died black hair, supper popular, way to loud, ect.

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whats wrong with me?

why am I so depressed? I should be happy. I'm surounded by people who ignor me. it lets me observe. I love observing and I love solotude, so why does it bug me? nothings really wrong right now but I feel empty. I dunno.

seperatly; all my friends but one suck.

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lovely, no?

I know a girl who's 13 and pregnant. said girl is afraid to tell her parents, because she thinks they find some way to blame it all on her unborn child's father. I know another girl who was stocked by a gang member and who 's next-door-neighbor is a huge drug user. I live in midwestern suburbia how does this work? and there's me. an over opianated bi girl who hates everyone. as above lovely, no?

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