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So i just did..ok.

Oh, i hate myself for this but i cried again today.Damn.I just cry.For no reason and when im done i feel better.Nothing better than a good cry.NO what am i saying??I ENJOY crying?
Im im psycho.And dont get me started on love songs....Iv'e completely given up on the radio or any form of music.It makes me think of him and then...I CRY.

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I've slipped the bonds of madness....

To the world im sane,kind,gentle
me.To the Rents im a wildchild,a lazy,
freak.To myself Im yearning for
anothers touch,why cant i have it?
Ive SUFFERED enough!!!
Can you hear me,where are
you now??Im a sole inanimate being
nothing more than in a state
a broken wing...

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Feeling a twinge of DEPRESSION.

Actually im really really really, clinically depressed.Psychotic if you will.
I hate my life right now.I hate it.Did i mention i hated my life?
GOD!!, why is this happening to me???.........
Robin XXX

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