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Yes... If you read the entry from "I like girlz" she is back also... I might
be back for good, i dont know. We both quit because it seemed like everyone on
here was taking advice, taking taking taking and not giving..
My last post was a post saying that if life sucks for you it will get better and
that i had been with somebody for almost 2 months at the time..

That was 4.5 months ago...
The boy that i was with, his name is Jeromy.

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When I Went Away...

Well. Yes.
I know i vowed not to post on OASIS anymore.
But this is not a bitch post.
Just wanted to let you know that if life sucks
It will one day become good for you again.
It sucked for me. Big time.
Then i met someone.
We've been together for almost 2 months.
Life is good.
Just keep ur head up.
--Good bye.

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Life Can Be So Goddamn Hard! Merged Version - Chapter 3

Okay. This is a Merged version of Life Can Be So Goddamn Hard.

This is the 3rd chapter, and erin and I are not taking male or
female sides.

I love you all, i feel your pain. We have all been in eachothers shoes
at least once. We all know how the others feel about homophobia. We all
know how the others feel about sex, falling in love with straight people,
with straight best friends.

Now. First i would like to say sorry for any and all posts i have made

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Wow. Gay-Dar CENTRAL!

The other night i was invited to go to a different school's homecoming dance so i wsaid sure. Then i told my friend "if i go i better meet a hott gay guy" and well within 30 mins of being in there this guy walks up, lime green shirt, REALLY good looking. Freshman. I mean i usually say there either is no such thing as gaydar or i dont have it. Cuz i cant EVER tell but when i saw him i knew immediately he was gay.

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I Fucked It All Up Way Back When...

Wow... I sry i havnt posted in a while. Lifes been great all in all. Been really happy lately. But today... i dunno... Remember my post about homecoming night? Well for those of you who dont, or didnt read it, me and diego ended up making out infront of everyone at the homecoming dance. Then he asked me out. I said yes, and i was SOOO happy. But then i fealt bad cuz i still liked Dean... so like 4 days later i broke up with him. I still liked him but i broke up with him for a guy i could never get because he was in love w/ somebody else... So now i want diego back... but he's flat out told a couple people that it wont happen again, because we've tried twice and it didnt work out... But i WANT to try harder. I WANT it to work out. I like him so much!

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G W Bush... Oh... JOY!???? (read this please!)

Okay, everyone. I know this sucks the most than anything that has happened to us in like our lives, G W becoming president again. But lets just look at it on the bright side... Only 48 more months, 4 years, until we get a new president and HE cant be re-elected again!!!

Trust me. I'm mad, i just dont feel like typing my whole opinion on here...

I've created a website to show my hatred towards George W Bush, and its just starting so its not good, but oh well... go to it and check it out! IF you have any pictures or stories or just ANYTHING, letter's, anything, you want on there just email me at with what you want on it and i'll put it on!!

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Tomorrow... Election Day... A Very Gloomy Day For Everybody

Tomorrow is the day that decides what it is going to be like for people in the united states for the rest of their lives. If george bush wins it's likely that within the next 4 years, gay marraiges will be banned from the united states alltogether. If kerry wins, despite what he says, he will NOT ban gay marraige, and will most likely support it. Tomorrow will be a very gloomy day for everybody.

Do You Hate Your Life?

23% (15 votes)
51% (33 votes)
Maybe So
26% (17 votes)
Total votes: 65
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I seem to be the only person who doesnt have anything to say about halloween...
So here i go...
I went to work form 2 pm until 10 pm.

The end.

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The Best Sucky Day Ever!!!

Wow! TODAY SUCKED MAJORLY! But i have never had so much fun having a sucky day in my entire life. It started out as britt coming to get me, mandi, and then ashley road with us too, and she had the jeep so it was really squished haha but it was awesome, we asked dean if he wanted a rdie but he said nah, cuz we were gonna go to mcdonalds first and he needed to get to skool early so he cud see a teacher. So yeah, he didnt ride with us but it was so funny, cuz we got our food and shit then we get to school, and today was the last day to buy a page in the yearbook, and tonya had our money and TONYA WASNT AT SCHOOL!!?!?!?! So yeah, me, britt, mandi, and jerry were gonna go to tonyas house and get the money from her and just be late for school, but britt chickens out and gives me the keys to her jeep to go to tonyas. So we go all the way to tonyas, which is kinda far, and we get in her room and wake her up and she tells us that she gave her sister the money to give to us so that was kinda frustrating. So we spent like 30 or 40 mins there tryin to get her to come to skool until she finally decided to come. Then we were drivin (this WHOLE time britts sending me texts saying to hurry up and shit, she was bein such a bitch i wanted to turn my fone off, though i understand why she was being one) and so yeah, we decide since we are late alreayd we might as well stop at mcdonalds so we go inside and eat and yea i didnt get anything cuz i had mcdonalds earlier so then we finish our mc donalds and go to school. School starts at 7:20, we got there at 8:20... We were debating whether or not to get late passes... We decided we might as well go ahead and go to the office so we can get late passes, cuz it was all of our first times being really late without parents, and last year that meant we get one free one, then its after skool suspension. So we get there and the lady gives ALL FOUR OF US A.S suspensions. Its better this year tho, last year it was 2 hours long, now its 50 mins long so its not bad, and i can still make work. So yeah, i go to first block finally around 8:35 and then bell rang at 8:45. So it was interesting. Then i get to 2nd block. And in my 2nd block is one of the guys at that asshole table whos been fuckin w/ us, and then his gf is in ther too. So my teacher is putting all of us into groups for a project, and shes one of my fav teachers, and she was putting britt into a group with the guy and i looked at britt and she just had this look like 'oh well' so i looked at teacher and i said this VERY LOUDLY: "I REFUSE to let my best friend work in a group with him!"... i got a bunch of looks and everyone was like "whoah dude that is so mean" my teacher was looking at me like wtf, cuz i think she thought i was joking and i was like "I have my reasons, i dont want to go into them. But i will NOT let my best friend work in a group if he is in it"... hehe... it was awesome. But yea, i could tell it pissed that guy off so bad i was surprised he didnt say anything. So yeah, that was kinda bad cuz i didnt mean for it to come out so meanly. I wanted it to be nice and like "I dont think she should work with him, our friends and us dont get along with his friends and him" in a nice way, but it didnt work. LoL! It was funny though.

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The Fight Between Two Groups Today...

Today was great... and really horrible at the same time. It was great cuz
Britt is drivin to skool now and i was happy and she picked me and mandi up,
then we were drivin the same way our bus goes and we saw Dean and picked him up,
so it was awesome. We wudda gotten Erin this morning, but she wasnt at the stop yet.
Then during 1st block we delivered newspaper which was fun as hell.

Who Thinks Lizzqu's IP Should Be Banned From Oasis?

48% (10 votes)
Not me!
10% (2 votes)
I Dont Care!
43% (9 votes)
Total votes: 21
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Uh-Oh, What I've Done Can Either Be Good Or Bad Nowhere In Middle...

Well, on friday after school i got home, and i really wanted to tell dean everything i fealt about
him because i mean, i just cudnt hold it in anymore. Every day i keep telling myself "I'll do it today" but
never end up doing it, i dont know why, probably because he has a girlfriend and i am terribly afraid of rejection
even though im pretty sure he likes me too, at least a little. So yeah... I finally decided to tell him... I sent him an email, and yeah... If he doesnt read it by sunday night before i go to bed i will Unsend it, and just tell him next time he is online... So i dunno wut to do. It can be either good or bad....

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Blowing Up Upon The World

There is so much bottling up inside of me right now, I can feel it practically boiling up in my brain.
Here is a definition of what TODAYS day, among 70% of my other days, was like.

1)Hear Alarm Clock, turn it off, lay back down
2)Stepdad comes and wakes me up
3)Go to bus stop
4)Talk to Erin and Dean on the bus.
5)Go through school thinking about how i will never have dean because he is in love with his girlfriend.

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God I Hate Guys... Shud I Turn Str8?

Dean is confusing me more and more each day. You know how his gf and steph were like making him hug me and kiss me for a while and i kept thinking its cuz they were making him? Well today during lunch i was talkin to steph and out of nowhere he comes up behind me and hugs me and says hi. I was like "whoah" then when i was leavin lunch he called my name and i turned around and he asked for his hug... so i gave him one..... then on the bus when jacobe got off he came and sat across from me (there wasnt room b4) and when he stood up to get off he bent down and gave me a hug infront of everyone and i was so surprised i didnt even hug him back rofl.... that was the last thing i was expecting... like RIGHT before he did that i gave him a note. ON the front of the note it said "SHH! FOR YOUR EYES ONLY!!!" then on the inside it said in TINY letters "hi!" haha........ sry i thought it was funny. He laughed at least. And i laughed. And he hugged me bye... So all is well...

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