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"How are you?"

"Hey, what's up?" My cousin asks me, plainly wishing for a close conversation about the traumas of everyday life. I think of how to respond. These days, when friends and family ask me what's going on in my life, I find it hard to answer. "Oh, just the usual. You know, questioning my sexual orientation, parents fighting more and more, my best friend still doesn't love me back the way I want him to. How are you?" is not the response they're looking for. I can't tell anyone how I'm feeling anymore. I wish I could come out as questioning, but the overall community isn't accepting enough. I'm beginning to dread people asking me how I'm doing.

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came out to a friend today :)

Wheee! I'm happy!! I just came out to one of my friends, Lia, on IM, and she was so totally accepting. (She's straight, as far as I know.) And she talked to me about it and if i was out to my parents yet (no) and all this stuff and she was so nice and caring and I haven't talked to anyone about it, just told four other people but not said much. So I'm glad. Anyway, all happy and excited now. That

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It used to be larger
This pasture I allow myself
A box with no walls
That I could see...
I ran free.

But I get older and the walls close in.
I grow with the box's shrinking.
I can barely move,
But I don't try.

Soon I fear
These walls will suffocate me.
Or maybe they will mold
To my body
A full-body cast,
A mask
Paralyzing me?

Or maybe I shall simply
Move within the walls,

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