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Homoerotic song: Michael

This must be the most homoerotic song I've ever heard. The band Franz Ferdinand sing it.


This is where I'll be
So heavenly
So come and Dance with me Michael

So Sexy, I'm sexy
so come and dance with me Michael

I'm all that you see, you want to see
came and dance with me Michael

So close now your so close now
come and dance with me
come and dance with me
So come and dance with me

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T minus 1 day

Just came back from doing the SAT II. I was doing Writing, Literature and Chemistry, because I did Maths II and Phyics in October. It was ok, I guess. But now I need to get back to doing regular school work: three oral presentations next week: one spontaneous english presentation, one on whether god exists and one for a debate on whether technology is helping the world. This debate is only to eliminate a number of teams so that the best two will face off in the debating competition. Also have tests in maths and chemistry.

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Telling first female friend

I had free periods at the end of school today. A female friend of mine and I were walking together. I was walking to the mall and she was walking home, but the path is the same most of the way. We talked about prom. I advised her to go with my other friend (he knows I'm gay but is still a bit homophobic even to me; he fancies her). She said that even if she were going, she would be going with her ex (who is coming back from uni to see her). She asked who I was going with. I'm going alone. She asked why. I said that it was because living here, no one would be willing to accept me going with any of the guys I wouldn't mind going with. She was a little shocked to find out for the first time that I'm gay. But she seemed to take it okay.

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Who I'm out to,, and will be out to

Ok, since I'm going to be coming out soon, I've decided I'll post how it all goes. I have come out to two friends, and two teachers. One friend took it well, the other took it ok, but he makes homophobic comments, even in my presence. One teacher who knows is my school counsellor, who my friend (the one who took it well) said to go see. The other was my mentor at school who's also an english teacher, and I came out to him by having him check over my personal statement for uni. The topic was civil rights in my country.

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