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The Perfect Man.....or not

he may bat those pretty blue eyes
or sing sweet notes of love to you
he may even kiss your lips
while ever staying pure and true

he's got a job and money to burn
style, charm, and all that jazz
he may seem just utterly perfect
but trust me dear, this dream shall pass

you'll start to notice everytime
his eyes'll look past your heart so true

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...and get it over with

just kiss me and get it over with
you've wanted it so long, why stop now? kiss
me, just kiss me now
see what you've waited for
and what I've
needed. Kiss
like you used
used to crave
only me.
kisses; sweet steel kisses
cold cold cruel
surrounding us
kiss me like you used to
used me
just to get it over with.

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Middle of a Moment

middle of a moment
between her eyes and faintest blush
there's lies a pool of evergreen
healthy, glowing, growing lush

the middle of the moment
between a smile and a gentle word
flows an iambic living beat
slow and steady, clearly heard

the middle of a moment
while her hand just brushes mine
there is a slow and steady second
where I can (maybe) call her mine.

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just pop another pill

pop another pill, mom, just pop another pill
forget you ever lived and breathed
forget you once knew how to dream
pop another pill mom, just pop another pill
let yourself let go again just pop another pill

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How do I learn to want?

Have I changed since I was 14? Still apathetic about school, with no knowledge of my wants or regard for my needs. Goddammit, what's wrong with me? All I want IS to want, to have dreams and desires, instead of seeing no point to anything. Is moving to Edmonton the answer? I want intelligent conversation, desire, to NOT be used for sex anymore, I'm so sick of that. How do I learn to want?

Ever go along with a gay stereotype just for kicks? (please comment)

37% (7 votes)
47% (9 votes)
lmao hell yeah
16% (3 votes)
Total votes: 19
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Based on her (as usaul)

spread her ashes, spread 'em far
forget she was who you are
mourn for her, then let her be
she belongs to sky soil and sea

spread her ashes, and don't forget
she built your life on bricks of regret
she may have cared, she may have lived
but your life is not your own to give

spread her ashes, spread 'em quick
so you may be done with it
she was you life, but now she's gone
please my d

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fucking crazy creepy needy weird bitch

this bitch has me so creeped out. fuck you dianne- i'm not your goddamn husband stop the whispers, the weirdness, you wanna be close to someone cuddle up to him i'm your fucking daughter now piss off before i fucking run i hate you you moronic bitch you're so creepy since the breakdown it's just gone from bad to worse just fucking drop dead just drop dead and leave me don't whisper no whiserps i d

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1 user, 200 guests....

1 user online, precisely 200 guests...tell me there isn't something wrong with the ratio here.....

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Speckle of a Sonnet

Speckle of a sonnet
written just for you;
a broken note, a broken bone,
and tears of clearest blue.

Speckle of a sonnet,
sung in tenor notes:
filled with fond and ache and pain
and desperate love-sick quotes.

Speckle of a sonnet
heard in unending beats:
filled with lindy, glazed in waltz,
danced on colt-like feet.

Speckle of a sonnet
bidding you adieu-
broken notes and broken bones

Would having sex with your clone count as...

"homosexual activity"
13% (12 votes)
fucking yourself
17% (16 votes)
57% (55 votes)
other (please explain)
14% (13 votes)
Total votes: 96
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star-lit lie

catch a star falling from the sky
see how it glows, see how it dies
see how it sparkles; pretty, a-light
see how quickly it forgets the night
it torches and burns you, then leaves you ice cold
it leaves you ragged and blistered and old
it's so beautiful, see how it shines
like coal from a mine
set ablaze
numbered days
the sparkle lies
the ember dies.
brilliant burning, yes it's true
there's many things a star can do

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I watch as her black hair flutters in the breeze, flapping in the wind like a silken flag. She’s determined, passionate- her gait even and determined. Stop. Turn around. Eyes like coal that’s just been lit.

“What are you? A stalker?

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fast-forward: Life, part 2

Write away a tragedy
Erase, start anew:

Kiss her lips
Get the fix
You know she’s there
Like purest air
You know its true
She cares for you
You drop the blade
And see the day
See the sun
Your life’s begun
Screw the sadness
Because it’s madness
You know you’re free
Just to be.

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your little girl's a lesbo

Dear Daddy,

Your little girl's a lesbo
Yes it's sad but true
She plays far more with Jane than Dick
And there's nothing you can do

Your little girl's a lesbo
Believe me, that's a fact
Once she's ditched Ken for Barbie
There's just no going back

Your little girl's a lesbo
Daddy, don't you cry
Everytime you break away
Your daughter wants to die

Your little girl's a lesbo
Please don't blame yourself

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