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Happy (and jealous)

I am so happy for my friend! He found someone! They kissed! Yay! He found
this guy at a gay youth center- I met the guy, he's really nice. I am so
very very very happy for my friend. It was his first kiss! I am so happy!
Yay! I am jealous, because I didn't find anyone at the center- but it don't
matter, because my friend did! Yay! Yay, yay! If my friend, or the guy he
kissed happens to read this, then I want to say yay! I'm happy for you guys!

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My little poem

I am not a poet, it is definately not my forte. However, I decided to
write a poem about this girl I love. Here it is. It's not great, but does
sum up how I feel pretty well:

The Impossible Love

Telling you would hurt
Not telling you hurts
Would you still be my friend
if I told you the truth?
What am I to do,
when love and logic do not match?
My brain and heart are at odds
Facts can not cure me
Love does not vanish in the face of truth
You cannot love me
I cannot stop loving you

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Orientation vs. Preference

My highschool humanities and spanish teacher gave a very good lecture on
gay rights in the US. I just happened to remember one thing he said. I
thought it was a very good analysis of sexual orientation. This is my
summary of one of his points (he came up with the analogy, not me):

"I use the phrase Sexual Orientation rather than Sexual Preference.
Preference implies that it is an option, something that people chose to be.

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Damn Mixed Messages

Damn these mixed messages- she say's she's straight, and then she says
she is more attracted to the female body. She complains about how everyone
thinks she is a lesbian, and then she goes and writes a song about kissing
a girl. AARGH! It is driving me crazy. If she is straight- then I want her
to stay that way- so that I don't keep on getting my hopes up that one
day she could love me. If she is bi or lesbian- then I just want her

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creepy sleezy guy

uughhh- I just had a creepy and uncomfortable experience. I went down to
this local Gay Youth Center- called the Lambert House.
It was my first time there- they have a library and a tv room and a kitchen
and stuff- they have different groups that meet there. Anyway, I decided
to go there to check it out- my friend had said it was a neat place. It was
a really neat place- and there were a lot of nice people there... but there

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Why Can't I Speak Up?

ARRGH! I am so angry at myself. I was at this volunteer camp place, and I
was working with some other kids about my same age. In the lobby of the
place we were volunteering at there was a woman who was M2F transgendered.
As soon as they got out of earshot of her, some kids in my group started
to giggle and make biggoted comments and joke. The entire second half of
the day was riddled with homophobic and just plain stupid comments. I

Where is a good place to put a small, discreet tattoo

shoulder/upper arm
44% (12 votes)
lower arm/ hand
7% (2 votes)
back of neck
4% (1 vote)
upper back
4% (1 vote)
lower back
11% (3 votes)
26% (7 votes)
4% (1 vote)
Total votes: 27
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I am out to just about everyone except my extended family. My Grandma
(Nana) lives just a few miles away from me, and I know her pretty well.
I haven't come out to her, but my Dad keeps on suggesting that I should.
I'm not sure if that is a wise idea- on one hand it would be nice to be
completely open with her- after all she is one of my closest relatives.
We aren't great friends, but we do see eachother every week. Plus, it would

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Pride Parade Blast

I just had the most fun exciting experience of my life (ok maybe not my
life- but definately the most fun experience this year)- My friend and I
went to the Seattle Pride Parade- we both dressed up in drag, he as a
girl and me as a guy. Anyway, we walked down to the parade- which was fun-
We started off a few blocks away. As we got closer to the parade we
saw more and more people with rainbow shirts and people in drag and all

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Parade Tomorrow!

Yay- tomorrow is the Pride Parade in Seattle! I am going in drag (as a
guy), and my friend is going as a girl. I can't wait- I hope it
all goes well- I have my outfit ready. This is so exciting!
I imagine there will be a lot of protesters- that awful guy who is the head
of Focus on the Family was here this week giving a speech on his phoney
"ex-gay" programs- harmful stupid bullshit. I wish that I had gone to
protest his conference. Oh well- freedom of speech and all that shit. He
has a right to spout all the conservative fundimentalist psudo-science
crap that he wants- I just wish he would not bring his hateful programs
to Seattle.
Anyway, tomorrow will be great- I'm really looking forward to it. Wish
me luck!

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Well, really shouldn't complain- but I just got rubbed the wrong way and
I have to write about it. I shoudn't complain because I am lucky enough
to go to a school where almost everyone is ok with my being out, and where
there are lots of other Gay/Lesbian/Bi people around. However, last night
I got a little miffed at a group of people. It was my friend's birthday
party. She was having a costume party, and one of my friends dressed up in

Can a person be 100% straight or 100% gay, or is there a little bit of bi in everyone

Yes- People can by 100% gay/straight
45% (43 votes)
No-Everyone is a little bit bi
55% (53 votes)
Total votes: 96
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Strangely Androgenous

This is just a random journal entry.
My friend and I are going to the Seattle Gay Pride Parade on the 25th.
I am really excited- we both came out this year so it is our first event
like this. He is going in drag, and I am going to try to go in drag too.
It is not as obvious when a girl goes in drag- so I think I'll have to
wear a tux. However, this night I decided to start getting my costume

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What a life- I was just struck today with how strange and ironic things
can get. Here are two ironic things that have happened in my life:

1. I have a crush on a straight girl who has one of those names that could
be a boy's name or a girl's name. Three years ago I had a crush on a gay
guy with that same name.
2. The girl I have a crush on is straight- but she's actually kissed more
girls than I have (believe me- she is really 100% straight).

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Yay! A while ago I was griping about the fact that the Gay Straight
Alliance my friends and I started this year isn't going anywhere. Although
nothing exciting is going to happen this year in our group (which is
called GLAM- Gay Lesbian and More) we now have tons of plans for next
year. Me and the two other gals who started the group got together on
friday to do some major planning for next year. We sat in a park for a

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