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Ok, this is my random rant about antidepressants- please don't get
offended if you disagree- it's just my personal opinion/experience
-So, antidepressants- A lot of people I know deamonize them as pills
that numb your soul and take away your personality and turn you into a
happy pill popping zombie. I know that for some people antidepressants
don't work- and may even have adverse affects. However- for some

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Read this Article

Read this Article to learn about yet another sleezy thing that people
are doing in this crazy world:

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I lost it last night

Last night I had a rather bad night- nothing in particular went wrong, but
for some reason I got really depressed. I started punching things (mostly
the corner of my desk) and my hand is bruised now. Until just last night
I had been going through a wonderfully long period without feeling
depressed- but all of a sudden it came back. Why is it happening again?
I thought I was over that- but I guess I'm not. Right now I feel better,

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Vagina Monologues

My school put on a production of the Vagina Monologues- a lot of my friends
were in it. My close friend that I have a crush on did one piece, and she
sang a song. She has a beautiful voice, and is an incredible song writer.
The V monologues were a lot better than I thought they would be- nobody
took themselves too seriousley- we were able to laugh. It just made me
realize how lucky I am to live in a place where people are so open about

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Wimpy GSA

My friend and I just recently started a Gay Straight Alliance at my school.
Things have gone ok so far- there was no problem getting it set up- my
school is wonderfully accepting and liberal. However, now that we've started
there seems to be absolutely nothing to do. The vast majority of people
at my school are extremely accepting and liberal- so there is really no
need to educate people about the GLBT stuff. My school is too small to have

Have you ever had a crush on a best friend- how did it turn out.

No, I've never had a crush on my best frined
19% (14 votes)
Yes- I never told him/her- I eventually got over it
23% (17 votes)
Yes- I told him/her- we aren't friends any more
4% (3 votes)
Yes-I told him/her- he/she was ok with it, and we are still friends
13% (10 votes)
Yes- I told him/her- it turned out that he/she liked me back and we started dating
19% (14 votes)
Yes- I never told him/her- I'm still not over it
23% (17 votes)
Total votes: 75
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I don't want to hear about it

I have a crush on one of my best friends, and she is currently dating
a guy. Since we are friends, we like to tell eachother everything. However,
now that she has been dating she is telling me stories of her
romantic interludes with her boyfriend. My problem is that I can't stand
hearing about them. I have a crush on her, and I know that she is straight.
I don't want to have that fact rubbed into my nose every single day. She

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Bad Idea

Want to know what is a bad idea- a real concoction for heartbreak?
Here it is: One girl you have a crush on + her boyfriend + going to see
a movie with them = my very bad afternoon.
Her moms are lesbians, unfortunately she didn't inherit that trait. She
is the most amazing person I know, and every single day I have to pretend
that we are 'just friends'. I have to look on as she snuggles with her

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