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I've got porn open in another window, how the hell are you?

Work is hard to find these days. Fucking aggrevating. You know what's cooler than being broke on the prairie? Everything. Had to vent that, I feel better now.

I'm thinking very seriously about moving in with an old friend out of state. That's a very heavy proposition for me, and I feel paralyzed by indecision. On the one hand, the idea turns me on to no end. There's something about starting over, the idea of the second chance that very much appeals to the embittered old man in me (a sizable chunk of my person). I feel trapped in my own ennui (I've always really wanted to use that word). I'm just really unhappy with where I'm at right now, both geographically and emotionally, and the idea of someplace new out my window calls to me.

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Back (in black, y'know)

A real live legend of the New American West returns

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