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wonderful... (sarcasm)

i asked my parents how they would react if they saw me kissing a girl. my mom
went totally wacko. she thinks that i'm hiding a relationship. advise to
parents of LGBT youth: yelling at you kid doesn't convince them to tell you
everything. in fact, it only makes them want to close in even more.
folks, i am really trying to relate to my parents, and my mom just isn't
getting it. any help?

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Rabbi's and Rabbits

this is really random, but...

There was a gay pride march in Jerulalum (YEH!!) about a year ago. a rabbi there
was interviewd by the New York Times. He was reported to have said the following
quote: "Gays and lesbians are less than human, and will be reincarnated as rabbits."
I don't know, i kind of like rabbits...:)


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Thank the Goddess

This Thanksgiving, we're having a few select family members, and one friend over.
i was thinking about it, and relised that the night before TG, there will be
8 people total, and 5 of us are gay or lesbian. on TG we will be 7, and
4 of us will be gay or lesbian. only my parents and my grandmother are straght.
Goddess, i love my family. well, not my mom, but... I mean, how lucky can you
be? having that many role models...i'm not feeling depressed for the first

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what's with all the people liking Buffy all of a sudden? am a missing
something here? i've seen it a few times, and i have to admit tath she's
pretty cute, but...


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Life sucks

Life really sucks. i got told yesterday, by a school counselor who i really
admire that she had been getting complaints about me, people were saying
that i showed to much 'public, physical affection' for a girl. first of all,
i don't show 'public, physical affection' for anyone, not really. a friend and
i lean on eachother (she's female) and i sit on her desk, but it's not like
we're kissing, or even holding hands (which is allowed by the school code!!)

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people are everywhere
in subways
on busses
on the streets

but why can only a few
a precious few
see me
for who i am


Would you still be gay/lesbian/ if...

You were of the opposite gender?
0% (0 votes)
if you met the love of your life, and they were of the opposite gender?
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 0
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To love, or not to love?

i am in off the deep end. i am so 'in-like' with her. i can't believe it.
i mean, who would have thunk. she is SOOOO increadable. all i can do is watch
her though. should i ask her over? should i take the risk of being let down?
should i...should i... help

Meta, The Lost and Forlorn

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hannukah wishes

what i want
is a girl
what i wish for
in the middle of the night
is some one to love
some one for me

he's got his own
she's got her own
why can't i have her
why won't she look at me?

what i want
is a friend
a love,
someone to hold
and hug
and kiss

what i want is sitting
in front of me
every day
every hour
every second
and yet
she never sees me

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Religious Freeks

why do people call gays and lesbians "sinners"? i mean, do they really think
that i CHOSE to be this different? do they really think that i WANT to be
ridiculed every way i turn? i mean, people, get a clue. i mean, i don't have
anything against religion, except when it is used to hurt people. like me.
i thought this 'god' person was supposed to be a good person. does he/she
really want people to be fighting in his/her image? i just don't get it...

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Why do i see?

why do i see
the things no one sees
the things that are hidden
the things that are lost
the people who don't want to be seen,
and the girls who love guys
why do i see the people
who want to die
the people who don't know
who they love
and why do i
love them?

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what the bleep do we know?

ok, why do people seem to find it so important to have "clean" marriage.
i mean, come on people, give a little, get a lot. or (this is for those idiots
in office...i mean polititions) just take that stupid word "marriage" out of
the whole deal, and just call it a civil union. i mean, i don't want some sort
of religious union. no offence... i mean, really people, this is the 21st
century, for Kirstens sake, and we're it the USA, shouldn't we have figured this

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