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yes. doom. I have to go to school soon. my sister's evil cat has its paws all over the keyboard so its hard to type and I have about four papers due. dammit cat!!! I need the delete key!!!
he covered the enter key too.
anywhore I faxed my registration for the retreat which is awesome bacause now I get to go. and now all I have to do is survive this week.....that could be easier said than done. I have to live through creative writing, earth science, psych 225 and pre calculus....gah... I better get going

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ashes to ashes
nothing is whole
heaven and earth cant contain my soul
passion unmeasured rips me apart
tearing and screaming
inside my heart
dust to dust
arcane divine
echoing deep in this body of mine
soul to the soulless
till death do we part
I will keep your memory
deep in my heart.

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wow. heres my first entry.

alright. Im going to the oasis retreat to camp seymour in tacoma. at least I think I am. my parents have yet to tell me if I'm allowed to go which means that they arent comfortable with me going and they want to wait for any reason to ground me and prevent me from going so they dont have to say yes. the good thing is that the registration form has to be turned in in two days (yeah Im a little late) but that gives me very little time to fuck up and get grounded.

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