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And sometimes, life works out.

Wow, I have not been to this site in a LONG time. Not that I was super active or anything, but I used to like to read everyone's journals and gain some perspective on life. So anyway! I've been in an absolutely amazing relationship for almost a year now. It completely shocked me because for once I was content with my life, and not on the hunt for someone to keep me warm at night. Then all of a sudden one of my friends and I made out one night and again and again, then almost eight months after that first time, we finally figured our shit out and took the plunge together!

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bi-curious friends will getcha every time!

I. Hate. Winter. And South Dakota. Don't ever come here, ever. As if anyone would want to. It's 2 AM, and I can't sleep.. what's new! This month-long Christmas break kills my normal sleeping schedule every time. What I spend most of my time doing instead of sleeping is combing every part of me for reasons about why I can't seem to get one of my best friends off my mind. Shortly after I came out to her (a few months ago), we would get drunk, share a bed, cuddle, and come very, very close to hooking up. I knew it was really only a matter of time until we finally did. Eventually, we did.

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beantown. awesome.

so, i don't know if anyone is from boston... BUT i have been in beantown for about a month and have one more month to go. it is such a wonderful, wonderful city! aaahhhh, i love it. it's like the perfect size. a big city, but not as wild/crazy as new york. well, except for on the 4th of july (crazy!!). went to a red sox game last night, also. it is such a religion here, i love it! i wish i could stay here forever. besides the ADD weather, it is such a beautiful place.

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heels over head

Does anybody else just wonder if they will ever find someone? Why haven't I met somebody that feels the same about me as I do them?

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Waaay longer than I planned! sorry!

I'm soooo.....uhh....confused?

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fuck. i messed up majorly. so i recently started talking to an old friend/crush and i THOUGHT everything was going fine, but i noticed she was being kinda crabby toward me or something. so i tried to talk to her, but it wasn't working so i just stopped trying and called her later and then asked her what was up, and she came right out and told me i was coming on to yeah...i feel dumb and i don't know what to do.

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girls can be so freaking frustrating. one of my friends, who is about 2 years younger than me, is totally playing my feelings like a yo-yo. it seems like she likes me....but then she says stuff that makes me change my mind, and it frustrates the hell out of me. its kinda like when we're alone or just in our close group of friends its ok to be touchy-feely. for example, we're both in basketball and in practice she'll give me hugs and like touch my face or flirt with me, at least it seems like she's flirting.

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Where do I start? I've been a member of Oasis
for a long time, but I just like roam around
reading everyone's stuff cause I was too scared
to write anything. My biggest fear is that
someone I know will read it and I just don't
want to deal with that right now. But lately
my life has been getting so confusing and I
just need to talk about things. I don't feel
like starting from the very, very beginning of

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